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Howdy Brother Rats,

Fall is in full force as I write this set of class notes.  I’ve had a number of guys contact me since I gathered the last set, and I want to say thanks to everyone who submitted.  Please keep it up – it makes this a lot easier!  If you haven’t been in here in a while, drop me an e-mail and let me know what’s new with you.

Beau Quattrone checked in just after I submitted my last set of notes.  He was finishing up a summer of baseball and softball with all three kids playing. His oldest daughter, Anna (10) played softball, son, Zac (9) played baseball along with his youngest daughter, Elizabeth (5). (Anna and Zac made All-Star teams). He was just starting up the fall sports as coach for Zac’s little league football team, with Elizabeth being a cheerleader and Anna playing fast pitch softball.  He said it’s keeping him busy, but that he really enjoys the time with his kids.  Looks like they’re taking after dad’s love for sports. Beau just celebrated his 10 year anniversary with Allstate Insurance Company, handling injury claims.

Rick Neff, the generous host of www.vmi90.org, checked in from Milwaukee, WI where he’s teaching at ITT Technical Institute, and also at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee for their School of Continuing Education. He’s teaching wireless security and firewall courses.  He said BR information updates to the class website have been a little slow lately, so let’s get him busy!

Checking in from Iraq, Luis G. del Valle sent me a picture of J.J. Keppler '88,  LtCol Voytko '87 and himself in the HQ building of 1/7 in Al Qaim, Iraq.  He said that Keppler is with the Border transition team, and Voytko with the military transition team.  Luis is running the civil affairs team. Rob Gudz forwarded a short note to let me know that he had started a new position at EYP as a Project Executive in the Government Sector. EYP is an Architecture/Engineering firm, and Rob is working in their Washington, DC office.  I poked around on their website a bit, and must say they’ve done some really cool buildings.   In baby news, Pete Mantz sent an update that he, JoAnne, and big sister Malia welcomed Elizabeth MacLaren Mantz into the family on 8 September 2006.  Not to be outdone, John Hahn, Tanya, and older siblings Evan and Grace welcomed Ethan Ray 5 days later. Jeff Crist dropped me a line to check in, and let me know that his crew was doing well. He took his two boys, Joe and Hunter to VMI the second weekend that the Rats were back this year.  They had a picnic and watched the Rats drill on the parade ground.  His boys loved it, and Joe marched around and yelled at Hunter for the next couple days at home. Jeff also forwarded me a note from Kevin Miller who is doing his year in Iraq.  Kevin said Iraq was “Busier than all get out, but a very good experience overall. Baghdad is a very interesting place.  I've flown over the city a couple of times and really enjoyed the sights.  It is wild seeing all the places you've seen on CNN for the last 15 years or so.”  

Steve Fitton sent me an update from his office as an analytical chemist at a lab in Richmond.  He and his wife live in Williamsburg with their 5 year old son. He apologized for missing our reunion, and made up some excuse about his wife having and endocrinology Board exam the next day, and him having to watch their son (Steve – you can’t use that reason next reunion).  She did pass the exam, so I guess it was worth it...  Steve let me know that his Rat, Robert Matson ‘93, was over in Iraq.  He got recalled to active duty after 10 years of being a civilian.  Steve said “I seem to remember telling him that Army option might be a mistake early in his Rat year, but of course he didn't listen.....”

Greg Sandway’s wife Janet sent me a note to let me know that Greg was on a 12 month TAD order to be the XO, and acting CO at the Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan.  She said she was looking forward to his return around the first of April 2007.

Kelly Musick sent me an update that he had started a new job as a Navy civil servant where he gets out to "exciting" places without much notice.  He was hoping to go to Disney World with the family before Thanksgiving if all went well.  He and Dana have three kids now, 10, 3 & 1.  Kelly’s finishing putting together a big new swing set for those monkeys (his words) after Ernesto blew several trees across the previous one. 

Kelly also included a photo to confirm that John Aydlette had in fact convinced Ruth Williams to marry him in Charleston, SC on 14 Oct 2006.  In attendance from our class were: Kelly, Chris “Evil” Callahan, Chip Chenery, J.P. Lanzilotta, Trey Wetsel. They said it was a great time, and that they partied like rock stars until the wee hours of the morning. Being the die-hard alumnus, Chris brought a VMI spider flag for the photo.

Later in October my family had the pleasure of attending the annual All Hallows Eve Pumpkin Carving & Ballistics Party at Chip Chenery’s house, where we saw Kelly, Trey, and Mike Trahar. Chip decided that pumpkin carving wasn’t enough this year, and built a large trebuchet in his driveway to throw pumpkins and keep the crowd entertained.  After a few misfires (without casualties), Chip proved that a history major can master physics through proper training (and a little trial and error).  Chip’s masterpiece was able to heave pumpkins in excess of 150 feet, and would have made the VMI physics and history departments very proud.  I’ll get a link to the videos posted to the class site when I get them – this you will want to see.  A couple of weeks later Brother Rats Lenny Carson, Chin-Yuan Lui and Jin Chong showed up at the Chenery ranch (they heard he had a trebuchet).  All the kids had a great time and they managed to sacrifice a few more pumpkins.

Joe Kennebeck sent out a note letting me know he was happy to be back in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Joe left Montana in September and started a new job in Richmond as the Head of Trading for the Virginia Retirement System.  Also moving back East is Rob Hays, who is still flying and is now stationed at Andrews, AFB in Maryland just outside D.C.  I’m still trying to lure Rob over to the Virginia side of the river.

Bob Butler sent me a note with both great and sad news.  In January, his family was blessed with their 7th child (no, that’s not a misprint – seventh). Mary Faith joined her 4 sisters and 2 brothers. Bob, I honestly don’t know how you guys do it!  You still owe me a picture of the whole crew to go in the review sometime.  In May the Butlers made a surprise visit to see Hal and Danielle Jones and their two boys.  He said their kids get along great, and they had fun petting the Jones’ horse. On the sad side of things, on the August 12th Bob’s brother John (class of '86), passed away unexpectedly.  He was living in Orlando with his wife JiJi.  Jay Nagel '87 spoke at the memorial service in Orlando, and John was buried the following week in Portsmouth, Va.  A number of his classmates attended the service including his class agent, Clint Hubbard ’86 and Wayne Fuller ‘86.  Some of you guys from our class will remember John, as he was in barracks with us during 1/2 of our 3rd and 2nd class years.  His claim to fame was helping to "light" the Christmas tree in December '88.  Bob – our thoughts are with your families.

Gentlemen, that’s it for this round.  Please keep the notes coming, and I’ll keep putting them together. 

Please keep in touch, 



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