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Greetings Gentlemen,

I’m happy to say that we had a great turnout for our 15th reunion.  93 of our BR’s were able to make the reunion, and I think there were another 10 guys who had come into town just for the football game.  Thanks to  everyone who turned out and made the weekend a success.  Other than the rain that came in Friday night and caused Saturday’s parade to be canceled, everything went smoothly.  The only real glitch was me not saving a veggie burger for Garrett Thompson at the BBQ Friday night.

I was chatting with Garrett this evening on his way back from an American Legion meeting. He was inducted into Post #3 in Roanoke about a year ago, and he is now running the public relations, new membership, and some fundraising activities for the post.  If you’re in the Roanoke area and are interested in joining, I know he’d be happy to give you details.

I heard from quite a few of our BRs who were disappointed they couldn’t make the reunion:

Chuck Ellis, just got back from a deployment to Iraq with his reserve unit and was disappointed he couldn’t get to Lexington.  He has scheduled a trip around Christmas to get his fill of VMI.  Last Christmas he took his daughter Kadena (10), and gave her a tour of a very quiet post.  He’s hoping to get his son Charles II (2) there this time.  Chuck and his wife Kenya are living in El Paso, TX where he is a criminal investigator with the Marshall Service.

A few days before the reunion I received an email from Paula Yockel to let me know that David had been injured and they’d be unable to attend the reunion.  It turns out that while burning a brush-pile on their property in Oklahoma, Dave received some significant burns to his face & neck.  A month later now, she let me know that he’s healing well and that there doesn’t seem to be any permanent damage.  David is the General Manager for the Oklahoma branch of a transportation and storage company.  He and Paula were married in September 2003, and she can’t say enough nice things about him.  Dave – I’m glad you’re OK, and I could use some tips on keeping the wife happy when you have a few minutes.

Another absence due to medical injury was Sean Carty, who had some work done on his shoulder in early October. Sean thought he’d be able to make the reunion, but it turned out that his medical leave wouldn’t let him travel.  Sean and his family are happy being back East in Pipersville, PA where he’s flying out of the Willow Grove Naval Air Station.

My roommate and fellow CS major Brett Turner sent me an email that he couldn’t make the trip from Korea, and was sad that this would be the 3rd reunion he couldn’t attend.  (Brett, for the 20th you & Cindi don’t have a choice!)  He’s now the XO for his battalion, and will be in Korea until June 2006.  He let me know that he’d recently found out Glenn Dickenson was at the Yongsan Army Garrison with him.  Glenn is now deployed to Iraq but should return next year.  Brett also bumped into Trey Rhodes recently in the PX.  It’s amazing how we keep finding each other all over the world.

Chuck Smith touched base from Monterey, CA where he’s attending the Navy Postgraduate School, working on a master’s in Mechanical Engineering.  For some reason the Navy doesn’t see a 15th reunion as quite enough of an excuse to miss a few days of class.  Chuck is scheduled to be done with school in the spring of 2007, and said that while school isn’t much fun, it’s better than some of the alternatives.

A number of guys dropped me notes about summer-end moves that made life a little too hectic for a trip back to Lexington.  The Air Force moved Bill Ator from the Pentagon to Vandenburg AFB in California, the Coast Guard moved John Hahn from NY harbor down to Elizabeth City, NC, and DHS Customs and Border Protection moved Jim Hynes from New Orleans to San Diego.

Gents, thanks again for keeping in touch.  Your letters, emails, and phone calls keep the class notes going.  If I can provide you with any information, please don’t hesitate to ask.



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