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Hunter Trumbo

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Howdy Brother Rats!

It is with great honor that I take on the role of Class agent from Mark Dick. He and Karen have provided our class with many years of exceptional service, executed a very successful 10th reunion, and are going to be a hard act to follow. Mark, we all thank you for your work on behalf of our class, and your continued service to our country.

I’m sure everyone is intimately familiar with http://www.vmi90.org, which Rick Neff started and maintains as a service to our class. Rick has been in Milwaukee doing IT work since 1999, and has done an outstanding job keeping the site up to date. Guys – let’s keep Rick busy! Please make sure your information is current on the site so people know what’s going on with you. I’ll continue Mark’s practice of placing these notes on our site.

I’ve heard from a number of folks in the last couple of months. My 4-year roommate Stefan Herzog dropped a line. He got out of the Army almost 2 years ago, and has been working at the National Training Center at Ft. Irwin in southern California. Stefan is designing training facilities for soldiers, using his Army experience to create simulation systems that give solders a chance to train in situations that are realistic, but safe. It sounds like he’s found an ideal job for making the transition from soldier to civilian.

It’s been harder to get in touch with roommate Brett Turner, who has been on Active Duty since June ’02. Brett’s wife Cyndi isn’t allowed to give detail as to what he’s been doing, other than spending time in Mazar-e Sharif, Afganistan. Brett is currently a Major in the US Army Reserves 329th Quartermaster Battalion, and his family is hoping he’ll get back to the states this summer.

Rich Mehl sent me an email that he’s no longer flying tankers over Afganistan, but has moved to Northern California where he flies U-2s when not terrorizing the single women of the Sierra Nevada foothills. Rich was on his way to Squaw Valley to ski when he emailed me, and I have to say I was jealous.

An excited email came from Jim Hubbard that his wife Pam is expecting their first child in late August. Jim is an Energy Trader for Florida Power & Light in North Palm Beach, FL. He gets together with Ken Kovac periodically when Ken’s visiting Dan McGrew ’89 at Ft. Lauderdale. He’s graciously invited anyone heading through Palm Beach County on I-95 to drop by.

Tim Feagans and I had a long email chat in which he gave me some sound advice about fatherhood. His wife Sally gave birth to Cooper Durham Feagans, their 3rd son in late June ’02. Tim and Andrew McCaig seem to run in the same circles down in Dallas, and Tim is the VP of the VMI Alumni Chapter down there, where Fred Lehman ’91 is the president. Tim let me know that the Air Force has seen fit to move Bill Ator from Colorado Springs to the Pentagon. Bill, welcome to the Puzzle Palace.

Guys, you provide the content for the notes so please keep the information coming my direction. If you are thinking "I’ve never been in the Class Notes" please give me a call, send me an email, or otherwise let me know where you are & what you’re doing – we’ll get you in here. If you have electronic pictures of gatherings of Brother Rats or pictures of you doing interesting stuff, please forward them to me and we’ll try to get them into the Review. Lastly, if I’m not doing something you think I should be doing as class agent, please let me know. 90! 90! 90!

P.S. Madison Schinstock asked me to prove that I know what her first name really is - sorry for the mistake in the last Review.


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