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By the time you guys read these class notes, summer should be in full swing and the top of my head will be burned to a crisp.  I hope all is well with you and yours.

Sal Bora dropped me an email to let me know that he’d left Arizona and recently landed in Florida.  He misses the mountains and rock climbing, but now has the challenge of being the Director of Manufacturing at Piper Aircraft. With responsibilities for 700 employees, he has his hands full.  Sal is still in the Army National Guard and is completing Command and General Staff College for promotion to LTC (and we can say “we knew Sal when he was just a Rat”).  He also is engaged to Danielle Coffey of Sebastian FL, with plans to get married this summer.

Still holding onto winter, David Kaulfers sent me an email that he and Mike Teu had gone skiing in late March when Dave was in Colorado.  Dave was out on Military Duty and Mike, who is a commercial airline pilot out of West Virginia, used his company perks to get there.

Ever the event organizer, John Lanzillotta got a few BR’s together for a hockey game in Washington towards the end of March.  In attendance were Chris Schinstock (who never goes anywhere without a tie on), Chip Chenery, Tim McLaughlin, Mike Mullori, Pete Wick, and Trey Wetzel.  John is kind enough to continue coordinating activities every few months in DC even after his “poker night” had a number of scheduling conflicts.  From an anticipated field of 10, John and Mike Trahar ended up playing one-on-one Texas hold-em.

Sean Carty and his family visited his parents in Alexandria for Easter and stopped by my house to catch up.  His twins Ian and Calypso (12) were kind enough to entertain my kids for a few hours while the grown-ups got to talk.  OK, Sean’s wife Krista thinks we’re grown-ups that still haven’t matured.  It was great to spend a few hours rehashing VMI stories and trying to come up with a few new ones.

I was forwarded a notice that Laurence Farrell was promoted to LTC in March, in a ceremony at the Pentagon that was witnessed by Laurence’s wife of 17 years Hali, narrated by MAJ Weedon Gallagher and hosted by COL Scott F. "Rock" Donahue, '83.  COL Donahue was Laurence’s Brigade Commander in Korea from JUN 2004 - JUN 2005 where he was the Brigade S3.

Jim Hubbard shot me a couple of emails about big changes in his life.  He and his wife Pam and older brother Walker were blessed with another baby boy, William Ethan, on April 23.  Taking after his dad William’s not a small-fry, weighing in at 8 lbs., 7 oz.  About a month later the Hubbard’s decided to move to Dunwoody, Georgia (suburb of Atlanta) where Jim has accepted a position to work trading energy for Mirant.  Jim and Pam have been in Florida for a long time and will miss it greatly.

I’ve spoken with Quill Healey a couple of times in the last few months.  He and Stephen Yarborough played golf together recently and won his member/guest tournament (see Quill, the golf team at VMI did pay off for you in the long run).  Quill’s kids Quill III (6) and Olivia (3) are keeping mom Jennifer busy down in Atlanta.  He also let me know that the Air Force had seen fit to promote Tom Bailey to LTC and that he had attended the promotion with Dave Amsden and Brian Tate out at Shaw Air Force Base.  I’m sure it was great to have all the roommates together again.

In other news from Atlanta, Steve Linder dropped me a note.  He’s living downtown and recently started working with a Construction Management firm at the Atlanta Airport in the Project Controls department.  After 12 years of doing a similar job while traveling to projects, he’s really happy to be back in a home base.  Steve recounted a few close-calls he’s had with marriage, but has been able to stick it out as a single man up until now.  It sounds to me like he hasn’t held still long enough to get caught just yet.  Steve talked to Lenny Stellitano recently and conveyed that he and his family are doing well up in Pittsburgh.  He also spoke with Rob Uhorchuk back in the fall and he and his family are doing well in Chattanooga TN.

Andy Conville and I found each other on instant message and chatted for a while.  He’s been up in Cincinnati for a few years working as District Manager for Ford Parts and Service Division.  He recently decided to take an early-out option from Ford and is taking the opportunity to spend some time with the family and reinvent himself for his next career.

I received an email from Dave Yockel that things are going well for him in Oklahoma.

He’s still the GM for a moving company, which he claims isn’t exciting but pays the bills and keeps him out of trouble (mostly). Dave and his wife Paula are working on plans for a new house and they hope to start construction in the next year.  Dave said that the only VMI contact he had recently was a few months ago when he had a good chat with Chuck Ellis who is in El Paso, TX.

Gents, that’s it for this batch of notes.  As always if you’re thinking “how come I’m never in there” please drop me an update.  I can’t make this stuff up – it’s got to come from you.  I can only recount the story of Andrew Schaaf’s Rat-roommates hog-tying him and throwing him onto the stoop moments before an SNI so many times before I’ll bore you all.  If you have a VMI memory that you’d like published, please pass them along.

Thanks for helping to make this job easy, and I hope to hear from you all soon.



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