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Hello Class of 1990!

I’m finishing up this set of class notes on 15 May 2006 – it’s hard to believe new Market Day is already here and the class of 2006 is graduating. The Virginia summer is right around the corner.

John Aydlette dropped me a line from Charleston, SC where he’s a Sr. Loan Officer and Underwriter for Prudential. He’s looking forward to getting married in October to Ruth Williams (who he describes as a wonderful woman). He said that he keeps in contact with Chris Callahan who’s up in New York. John still has no human kids that he’s aware of, but he said that being the father to 2 cats is enough to keep him on his toes.

I heard about Maj. Chris Whittalker from several sources, including that has been decorated with the Afghanistan Campaign Medal and the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal for participating in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. While in Afghanistan, Chris’s company provided logistical support to all U.S. and coalition forces units in the Afghan theater of operations. Chris also sent along some pictures from jumping with the Belgian and German paratroopers, having earned Airborne Wings from both of those countries.

I got an apologetic email from Mike Manning, who is still sorry about missing the reunion. Mike, I’m trying not to take it personally, but if you want to buy me a bottle of Virgina Gentleman sometime I won’t argue. Mike has frequent work communications with Todd Eckloff who is working for the Marine Quarters Headquarters office. Mike keeps in touch with his roommates Weedon (Kevin) Gallagher and Lawrence Farrell. Larry is currently stationed in Korea but should be coming back to the states this summer. Lt. Col. (select) Manning is expecting orders to leave Quantico this summer to destinations yet unknown, but is hoping to get back to Camp Lejeune so he can deploy again. It sounds like Mike is keeping really busy between the Marine Corps, grad school, and taking care of his son.

I had a great email exchange with Finnie Coleman, who had recently experienced one of those VMI dreams that I think most of us have had. In Finnie’s dream I was walking down a street in Lexington improperly dressed, mumbling and disoriented. That might have actually been a recollection after a night at Estelle’s! My VMI dream is usually that I’m back at VMI to make up credit of P.E. that’s required for me to keep my diploma, and I’m in the VMI laundry trying to find ducks that will fit (of course, the bugle for formation is blowing).

Since the reunion, Finnie and his wife Doris have had an addition to the family, Finnie Santiago. Little Finnie joins their two year-old daughter, Anele Niambi. The Colemans live in Albuquerque New Mexico, where Finnie is an Associate Professor in English and African American Studies at the University of New Mexico and the director of the Africana Studies program. He’s building that program with the hopes to have it recognized as one of the finest in the country. His program is implementing a new curriculum that is rooted in best practices gleaned from Harvard, Penn, Virginia, Berkeley and Temple University while taking advantage of the unique opportunities and resources available at UNM.

Finnie has been writing a great deal about African American History and Culture. His first book is being released this year, his second book is in progress, and a 3rd is currently in planning mode. I’m sure trying to find time to write, maintain a family life, and maintain the teaching schedule poses quite a time management challenge!

Thinking that deployment to Iraq is sufficient excuse for missing the reunion, Daren Payne dropped me a note to let me know that he was on his second tour (ok, I guess it’s valid). He’s running into a lot of VMI grads in Ramadi, but Minter Ralston is the only other 1990 guy he’s seen. He had run into Garrett Thompson at a VMI football game shortly after his first deployment, so they got to compare notes. Daren has said that the 2nd deployment of a back-to-back takes a lot more out of you, and he’s excited about getting out of there soon.

Barry Johnson dropped me a quick note to let me know that he and Hal Jones had been out tearing it up on a weeknight in Charlottesville, where they went to a Merle Haggard concert. They had a great time, and figure they’re still just a couple of old country boys. Sounds like it would have been a good time.

Paul Kricorian and I emailed a few times recently (although at first he thought my message was SPAM because I called him “sir”). Paul sent along the following update:

“Mary Jo and I moved back to central Virginia about the time of our 15th class reunion and thankfully I'm not flipping burgers for a living here, after an arduous job hunt, I will be teaching mathematics at Fishburn Military Academy in Waynesboro! I am excited to work with the kids. Mary Jo is teaching at Washington and Lee and she and I are enjoying the good, clean, low-speed valley life with our first, Bennett Paul (born 2.6.06). I am still a drilling Navy reservist down in Norfolk at Commander Second Fleet where I run a number of operational planning projects, just waiting for my lotto ticket to the "sand box". Who knows? If you find yourself in this area or if you already live in this area, contact me for free burgers and beers one night. -- Rubber-bat-Kricorian and family.”

Brian Albro sent me a note from Omaha, NE where he’s cranking out a master’s in Public Administration and planning to get sent back out west next year. Brian said that with his kids being 8 and 6, he can’t put his finger on it but that this summer seems like it’s going to be nuts compared to those prior. He’s spending time brewing a number of beer flavors and enjoying Omaha – in his words “a reasonably sized city”. Maybe that should be their new motto!

Brian let me know that Pat Poon was recently in the USAF Times for getting an "Order of Friendship" Medal from Yuri Ushakov (Russian Ambassador) on Feb 28,2006. Brian also had been in touch with Barry Maxon, but they never connected during Barry’s last trip through Omaha. He also sees a lot of Pete Catalano ’89, because they car pool to and from Offutt AFB each day. Pete continues to scare Brian by jingling his keys O.D. style when it’s time to leave.

Just as I was mailing these class notes out, I received and e-mail from Andrew Schaaf. He ran into Rob Greenway in the Pentagon in April and had lunch with Mike Kimberly recently. Mike and Andrew work in the same building and don't live too far away from each other. (Carpooling opportunity perhaps?) Andrew left Bearing Point recently when EM&I made him an offer he couldn't refuse.

Well folks, that does it for this issue. Please keep the emails and note cards coming, and let me know if there’s anything I can do for you.




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