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Winter 2001 Class Notes


Mark W. Dick

P.O. Box 210
Flint Hill, VA  22627


Greetings to all.  I hope all came out of the winter doldrums and enjoyed a great spring and summer.  I received a great e-mail from Chris Dixon.  He just finished a two-year stint with the DEA in New Jersey and is working in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Chris has applied to return to active duty with the Marine Corps and is awaiting a response.  He met up with Todd and Mary Eckloff in Lexington for some R&R.  Rumor has it, Mary had to strain them to go to bed.  Tim and Christi Bosetti check in from Germany.  Christi says Tim is on line for Command and General Staff College in residence at Fort Leavenworth.  For a Medical Service officer, being selected in residence is a big accomplishment and probably means we need to make sure we send him over ot the Disciplinary Barracks for remedial training.  Don and Stacy Bowers are now living in Bridgewater, former home of the infamous and seriously delinquent Master of the Universe, Rom Uhorchuk.  Don is working for Rockingham Memorial Hospital in accounting and is ready for his first BIG RED game this fall with their boy, Nate.  I've been playing phone tag with Hunter Trumbo.  Hunter dropped me a note saying he had been playing hooky on the golf course and taking a little vacation time.

 I spoke with Time Feagans recently.  He and his boys were planning a block party while Sally was out of the country.  I called Pete Tunnard, and it seems Pete is getting a month-long dose of Exxon/Mobil training in Houston.  Spoke with Jeff Moushegian; he and Tammy are living in Salem.  I hear his dad still comes over to wake him up every weekend at 0900.  I bet he gets a good breakfast.  Jeff said he talks to Mike Kemp regularly.  I'll have to start getting the Roanoke paper to keep up with those two.

I went to the VMI Class Agents weekend and had the chance to listen to Gen. Binford Peay '62 talk about the new VMI campaign (Reveille: A Call to Excel).  The campaign is an auspicious endeavor, and Gen. Peay has asked for all to support the 10-year initiative to bring VMI into the 21st century in academics, athletics and military superiority.  I was happy to see a career soldier leading the "I" with this type of endeavor.  I also was impressed with he cadets who spoke at the Institute Society Dinner.  Bother were articulate and amusing, and all would have been proud of how the handled the spotlight.

Several BRs have asked about a fall mini reunion at the same bat cave.  If any of you all are interested, we can pursue this on a home weekend game at the same place.  We could go indoors at the Col Alto if we have enough interest.  Let me know what you think, and stay in touch.  90! 90! 90!


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