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Victor Sabino

BRs at Victor Sabino's Wedding - Sent by Matt Hemenez

As you see in the attached picture we were all there from left to right:  me (Matt Hemenez) '90, Vic '90, his lovely wife Ellen, Tom Pugh '90, and Mike Mullori '90.  One thing we thought interesting was that Mike, Tom, and I were all married within 12 months of graduation and it's taken Vic 13 years to catch up.

Here's the scoop on Room S-54:
Vic is a police officer for the Las Vegas Metro police department.  He loves everything about it and is doing fantastic there.  Vegas, as you know, is a wild place.  And just as wild are Vic's stories of his trying to keep the peace one day at a time.  He's living in Hendersen, NV with his new bride and their retriever.

Mike is on the other side of the law.  Not a criminal, an attorney for a small firm in northern Virginia.  He's been at it for several years now and is getting along well.  He had his first child, girl-Lydia, a few years ago. He's living in Woodbridge--not too far from where he went to high school.

Tom is operations officer for 35th Signal Brigade in Fort Bragg, NC.  He received an accelerated promotion to Major (awhile ago) and as they used to say in M*A*S*H, he's all Army.  I also met up with him when I was on business in Charlotte, NC.  He, wife-Cindy, and sons Alex and Zachary met me for pizza at some small town between Charlotte and Fayetteville.  As you see by the attached photo, Tom gets the "Looking Like He Hasn't Changed in 13 Years" Award.

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