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Bob Butler

Daughters: Kendal (15), Kelsey (13), Anna (7), Joy (5), Mary (3)
Sons: Isaac (11), Daniel (8), Noah (8 months)

Not a lot of other news in the Butler family, but....
I did run into Lenny Carson and his daughters at the YMCA earlier this summer - and unfortunately I have been a slacker and haven't caught up with him since.

I see Kevin Ryan, class of 2001, a few times each month at work. He works in our Fund Accounting department here at the Capital Group (American Funds - mutual fund company). I have been working for the American Funds since 1993, and for the past 2 years have managed a group of programmers. Never a dull moment.

Hope to see everyone in 2010 at our 20 year. Maybe it won't be too challenging since Noah will be 2 1/2 by then...assuming we don't have #9 by then!

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