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Hunter Trumbo

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Howdy BRs,

I hope everyone had a great summer! Even with everyone’s busy vacation schedules, I managed to connect with a number of classmates over the last few months.

Just after I submitted my last set of class notes I received a birth announcement from Mark and Teresa McSwain, that their daughters Georgia and Ellie were excited to introduce their new sister Caroline who was born at the end of March.

Jeff Kaster checked in with me, and forwarded the announcement that the Marine Corps had seen fit to promote him to Lt. Col., and that he had assumed the duties of Deputy Staff Judge Advocate at the DoD Criminal Investigation Task Force (CITF) at Ft. Belvoir. He was getting ready to start his Master's in Strategic Intelligence at the Joint Military Intelligence College (JMIC), and his wife Alison is due with their third child December.

Sam and Rita Stocks are expecting a third child to join their two boys Mason (3) and Bo (1). They are still living in Richmond and enjoying it. Sam runs into Glenn Thompson, Terrence Kerner, Coley Rice, Ramil Ibanez, John Cabell and William Gaspar occasionally, and he plays golf with Charles Plageman regularly. Everyone seems to be doing well. Sam has been working at general contractor KBS for over six years now, and is wrapping up his year as President of the Richmond Chapter of the Alumni Association. He has enjoyed staying involved with VMI and meeting other alumni, and is planning to go to New York for the West Point game in the fall.

And to fill out our baby-news segment, Bill Madison and his wife Coleen welcomed Connor to their family in August. Bill’s been in touch with a number of folks recently. Chris Whittaker and his family visited the Madisons in July as they PCS’d from Germany to Italy. He recently had been in touch with Mike Faunce, who has departed Boston and now lives in Connecticut. Bill has been working in Cairo, Egypt as an engineering consultant for a contractor performing construction projects in Afghanistan for the Army Corp of Engineers.

Brett Turner was taking a course at Ft. Belvoir in July and dropped by to see me one evening. He and his family are moving from Korea to Germany as he transitions into a position with EUCOM J4, so he was getting a little training in international relations. Brett’s going to be helping to coordinate joint operations with several U.S. allies. It’s a bit distant from his computer science degree, but he’s looking forward to it.

I heard from Mike Manning who was heading to Camp Lejeune this summer, where he was taking on the role of Operations Officer for 2nd Marine Regiment. He’s one to be low-key about things, but was pretty pumped about this position. Mike figured he’d be redeployed to Iraq this winter, and was looking forward to his new job.

Bob Pedigo dropped me an email about a week before he relocated to paradise. Booz Allen Hamilton has seen fit to move Bob to Hawaii permanently to support the Air Force in support of their military family housing privatization efforts. He had done something similar for BAH in New Mexico not too long ago, and seems to have gained enough credibility to pull this one off. Bob claims he plans to live in a thatched hut on the beach, sleep in a hammock (a la Gilligan), bike to work, and never dress-up more than putting on a clean Hawaiian shirt and his good sandals. I think I only believe about 1/2 that, but it still sounds spectacular.

Bringing me news about Rob Oviatt was an e-mail from his wife of one year, Myra. The Oviatts live in downtown Atlanta in a 100-year old home with 3 cats and 2 dogs. Rob is a distribution manager for MedShare International, which collects donated/surplus medical supplies and distributes them to third world countries in need. Rob ships containers of hospital beds, suture kits, and other items to countries in Africa, Asia and South America. Rob keeps in touch with “Hawaii Bob” (see prior paragraph) and Doug Robinson who's currently living in Zurich.

Tripp Anderson’s wife Jana dropped me a note to let me know that Tripp was deployed at the moment, and due back in November. It’ll be their first December together in 3 years. Their girls, Greyson and Emma, will turn 5 and 3 in December, Jana’s counting on him being home. Tripp is on the promotion list for LTC and they expect to PCS next summer (odds are good for Tampa, FL). Tripp recently was in touch with Scott Spellmeyer. Scott, his wife Babette, and son Porter are back in the DC area after a year and a half or so abroad, and expect to be there for another year or so. Tripp also had a recent email from Brian Burchette who is near the end of his second year-long deployment to Iraq. Brian plans to return stateside sometime in late summer/early fall and will join his wife of two years, Erin, for his next assignment in D.C. At the rate we’re getting class of ‘90 guys moving to DC, we’ll need to have a mini-reunion here next spring!

John Lanzillotta and I exchange voicemails frequently to taunt each other, and he sent me an email update because apparently I keep missing things he tells me. In March, he was out at Fort Carson and Tim Haynie and his wife graciously entertained him. John and Stacey went to a Pearl Jam concert with Chip & Mary Chenery this spring and have gotten together with the Schinstock clan from time to time. John went to one Nationals game with Mike Mullori and another with Chip & Trey Wetsel early in the summer. John has had a busy summer with a few trips to the beach and a visit to Chicago to see family. He had business in Alaska, and his daughter Morgan tagged along. They had a great time, dog sledding on a glacier near Seward, watching bears catch salmon on the Brooks River, hiking through the Valley of 10,000 Smokes, and rafting down the Twentymile River. After 9 days in Alaska with a 7 year old, John needed a vacation when he got home (understandably).

Sean Carty checked in from Pipersville, PA where he’s flying out of NAS Willow Grove, and starting to think about what comes after his last 2 years in the Navy. Sean and his family recently moved just down the street into a house in their same neighborhood. His wife Krista and their two kids are doing great.

This summer Doug Harper and his family made the move from Springfield, VA to San Antonio, TX. He too was saying how amazing it is that so many guys are just 4 years from having 20 years in the service. Doug will be working on the construction projects to implement the recent base closure recommendations in San Antonio. Doug said that if anyone is up for Tex-Mex, he’s happy to lead the way for anyone traveling through the area.

Chuck Ellis dropped me a note from Texas to let me know that things were busy in the Ellis household, with the new addition of Robert Clifford Ellis. Chuck had run into Chris Barker and Mike Kimberly at an El Paso Diablos baseball game. (which surprised them all). Mike is at Fort Bliss attending the Captains Career Course. He left the Navy and is now with the VA Army National Guard. Chris is the contracting squadron CO at Holloman AFB in NM. Travis Mabrey called Chuck recently to catch up and was on his way to Kosovo for a 18 month KFOR mission. Chuck also has been keeping up with Don Roberts who is the CEO of his own company, Caracal-Sigma, in Detroit, MI, where business is great.

Kelly Bledsoe let me know that things are going well with his family. He and his wife Lynne have 2 kids -- Tyler (8) and Lauren (6). Tyler Bledsoe was playing on a baseball team this summer with Carter Johnson, Barry Johnson’s son. Kelly said that between Barry’s great coaching and Carter’s exceptional skills, the team did great. He expects to see Carter on the VMI diamond about 10 years from now.

And lastly, in the “Believe it or Not” section of our notes, Fred Minnigerode dropped me a note to let me know that Mike Morelock was getting married. Amy and Mike tied the knot in mid-August, and a group of guys had a “last stand” with Mike in Baltimore and Washington about a month before the glorious event. Glen Thompson, Pete Mantz, Lee Usher, Pat Warner '92, and George Inge '92 all got together for the weekend. There were no casualties to speak of, and a good time was had by all.

That’s it for this set of notes guys. Thanks to all who answered my call for contributions! Please let me know if I can ever provide you with information or help reconnect you with anybody, and keep in touch,

Hunter Trumbo


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