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Hunter Trumbo

1900 Cool Spring Drive
Alexandria, VA 22308
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(Editor's Note: Please make note of Hunter Trumbo's new mailing address above.)

Howdy, Gents,

Please forgive me if this set of notes is short - the last month has been nuts for be between moving, grad school and reunion planning. Because that wasn't enough excitement, my wife Stacy is due with baby #2 around Thanksgiving. Needless to say, I'm trying to embrace my fluid environment.

Chris Whittaker dropped me a note from Afghanistan, with a US flag, and Afghanistan flag, and the first Afghanistan VMI Alumni Chapter flag. I will be presenting these flags along with a photo of 10 members of that very unique chapter to the Alumni Association during our reunion weekend.

I received a note from Jim Burke from up in Connecticut who was seeking out his roommates he'd seen in a recent Alumni Review. (He had tried to find C.Y. Liu when he was traveling to Japan and China last year, but couldn't find him in the Taiwan phone directory) Jim went on to chase girls and party at Mount St. Mary's where he ended up ROTC Cadet Commander. His next VMI connection was 1990 as co-cadre instructor with our BR Greenway at Ft. Bragg. After some time in the 82nd, Jim became a Baltimore cop and then joined the US Marshals, and is now an Inspector with that service. In his words, "I have twin daughters and a woman to keep me from signing up for this war." Sounds like you've already done a lot to serve the country Jim.

Dan Caine is scheduled to move back to DC this summer after being in the desert for a couple of years. Erin (wife), Ella (17 mo. old) and he are looking forward to being back in the Nation's Capital. Dan has been selected as a White House Fellow for the 2005-2006 year and says he "was a bit shocked, very honored and humbled to even be considered much less chosen." He's going to try to keep flying F-16s out at Andrews.

I had a good email exchange with our BR Lee Griffith, who has been wanted to reconnect with the VMI family. He's seen a few of our classmates since his time at VMI, and we agreed that even though it's been almost 20 years since matriculation, it's amazing how many of the memories are still vivid. Lee is living in Walkertown, NC with his wife of 14 years and his 4 children. He's a quality control technician with Vulcan Materials and is currently busy providing materials for the new Dell computer plant construction in Forsyth Co.

George Palomar checked in from Queens, NY where he's been for about 4 years. He's currently working for Elmhurst Hospital Center in Elmhurst, NY with the patient accounts dept. as a Hospital Care Investigator. His wife is also in healthcare at Queens Hospital Center in the human resources department. George connected with Ramil Ibanez in NYC recently, and exchanged memories (the stories keep getting better, don't they?)

I received an email from Tom Pugh, taking some time off from protecting Baghdad where he's the Brigade S3 the 35th Signal Brigade our of Ft. Bragg, NC. He's been spending time with the desert since November 2004 and sent along a few photos. He got together with Jeff Kaster and Brian McCarthy last Christmas. He relayed that he saw Brian a good bit back home before they were deployed. He also shared that Chris Watson is also in the unit, and is the Executive Officer for the 327th Signal Battalion. Tom let me know that his wife gets regular calls from Matt Hemenez, calling to check up on her and see if she needs help with anything. The last time he called she asked him to mow the lawn, (which he couldn't quite do from his house in California.)

My fellow Charlie-Company Brother Rat Dave Bland sent me a note from Midlothian, where he's lived since 2000. Dave had worked at MCV for a couple of years on the liver and kidney transplant team in the operating room, but left that position and took one at Johnston-Willis Hospital were he is currently the Assistant Ortho coordinator and is practicing as an R.N. First Assistant. To be more specific, he's putting in a lot of total joints (i.e. knees and hips), and he claims he never thought he'd get paid to do something fun. Fun for you maybe Dave...

Dave sees many Alumni through work like Todd Washington, and some other guys ahead of our times. He's also seen Bill Gaspar (who works across the street from him) and Tim Edwards a couple of times. Mr. Bland married Tonya in Jan. 2004 in Maui, and relays that it's great being married to your best friend. Together they have five girls in all: Megan 10, Sara 9, Peyton 8, Emily 5, and Anna 3.

A short query about reunion info came in from Kelly Bledsoe who is an engineer for American Electric Power. He and his wife Lynne live in Roanoke with their two kids Tyler (7) and Lauren (4).

Dave Robbins dropped me a note from Des Moines where he and Allison (Southern Sem '90) have three kids, 8, 4, and 2. Dave's a partner at Heartland Plastic Surgery. After VMI he went to MCV to go to dental school (DDS '94), and then went to University of Nebraska to medical school (MD '97). Dave - that's enough school! He completed residency at the University of Nebraska in 2000, did a plastic surgery residency at University of Kentucky in 2002, and has been in private practice as a plastic surgeon since then. Dave said that basically he's been in school or residency for most of the time since he left VMI, so he hasn't been back much and can't wait for the reunion.

Last but not least, Rob Hayes dropped me a note from the middle of a sand storm. He told me that earlier this year he was going rafting up in the forests need Yosemite, and when checking in for the trip someone out of sight shouted out his name. It turned out to be Bill Bowers. Bill was PCS'ing from MI to Okinawa, and one of his prior-marine buddies was Rob's guide down the river. Rob's scheduled to be back in the States by September, but has duty to Turkey scheduled in November and December.

One quick announcement so I don't forget - in late June, Sam and Rita Stocks welcomed their new son Berkley Nolan to the VMI family.

Well, it didn't end up being that short, folks. By the time you read this, I hope we will have had a successful reunion. Please keep the cards, letters, e-mails and phone calls coming in. You help make this job easier by sending stuff my direction.



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