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VMI Football: The Keydets are now 0 - 4. They were drubbed by Richmond last week by a score of 56 - 3. This week they lost to Furman by the score of 35 - 14.

New Battle Brewing: Last week I mentioned that that Justice wanted more information relative to the departure of the rat that punched the upperclassman. An article that appeared in the Richmond Times-Dispatch states, "In a volley of letters that could ultimately set the stage for another court battle, the Justice Department has once again demanded a full accounting of the circumstances surrounding the suspension of a female cadet who struck an upperclassman." It appears that Virginia's state attorney general's office sent Justice newspaper clippings which described events. They also provided Justice with the cadet's phone number. It appears that this may escalate. Stay tuned.

Army Review of Physical Standards: I was recently provided an article that indicates that the Army plans to make fitness tests for women soldiers tougher after an investigation found the easier levels were irritating their male counterparts. A member of the panel that conducted an eight-month-long gender investigation indicated that lower requirements for women were a "serious problem" for men. Under current fitness standards, a man who is 25 must do 40 push-ups and 47 sit-ups in two minutes and run two miles in 16 minutes and 36 seconds. A 25 year old woman must do 16 push-ups, 45 sit-ups and run the same distance in 19 minutes and 36 seconds. Under the new standards women would do slightly more push-ups, the same number of sit-ups and run two miles slightly faster than the current requirement. Hmmm...sounds like the army could learn something by reviewing and implementing VMI's equal physical fitness standards.

Speaking of Fitness Standards: Seems that 51 year old Carol Green, a Title IX anti-dsicrimination compliance officer hired by VMI has been training to take the same VMI fitness test all male and female cadets must take. To pass the fitness test, a cadet must do five pullups, run and mile and a half in 12 minutes and do 60 situps in two minutes. Ms. Green, wife of 1967 VMI grad Bob Green, is up to 15 pullups. She indicates that the running part of the test has been harder than the pullups. Not sure how fast she's run the mile and a half or how many situps she's done. I'll try and keep everyone posted.

Attrition Rate: Attrition rate for new cadets is about 8 percent thus far and just about on par with the average for the past 20 years. So far 33 men and 4 women have left. According to VMI, 15 percent of the rats leave by the end of the first semester and a total of 23 percent leave by the end of the school year. Before rats leave, they must meet with a battery of counselors.

Attrition...Making the Grade: Grades for the first four weeks of class are expected to be posted shortly. As a Roanoke Times article stated, " ...that typically sends a few rats scurrying from an academic sinking ship."

This was a fairly quiet week for news. Thanks to all who have been sending me articles and giving me some cyber pointers on how to make this all a little easier.

Yours in the Spirit,
RB Lane '75

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