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VMI Football: The Keydets dropped our homecoming game to William and Mary last weekend by a score of 41 - 12. Those in attendance indicated that our team hung tough in the first half, but things went downhill in the second half. Keydets are 0 - 2 and face Richmond today. I believe Richmond is undefeated at this early stage of the season.

VMI Women Compete for First Time: Five female distance runner recently represented VMI at the University of Virginia Cross Country Invitational. Four of the women were VMI rats and the fifth was a third-year exchange student from Norwich University. The VMI team placed 10th out of 10 teams. Freshman Rachel Love placed 29th overall. Love was quoted as saying (in reference to her rat haircut), "Maybe this helped. In high school I wore it (hair) down past my shoulders. I'm definitely more aerodynamic now."

Apparently the VMI team was the sentimental favorite among the crowd. A newspaper article stated:
The freshmen wore bright eyes and alert personalities. Their handshakes and responses to questions were firm. They appear to be enduring quite nicely. There was not a deer-in-the-headlights expression among them.

Virginia Rejects Federal Request: Several newspaper articles earlier this week indicated that the Justice Department requested that VMI provide a full accounting of the suspension of one of the women rats. Justice asked for "what reasons the female cadet gave for her alleged actions, including specifically whether she made any allegations of sexual harassment." However, Virginia's state attorney general's office, which represents VMI in legal matters, responded by saying the Justice Department has no grounds for asking. William Hurd, a deputy state attorney general, wrote, "It appears that you and VMI have different views on what authority, if any, your agency may have in matters concerning the disciplining of individual cadets. Moreover, your letter gives no basis for its insinuation that VMI may acted improperly in this matter."

More Interest Among Women: A Washington Post article earlier this week indicated that the number of women expressing interest in VMI (as measured by inquiries) has increased dramatically. According to the article, 3,219 women have asked for information about enrolling in the fall of 1998. This is nearly double the 1,688 inquiries from women that had been received at this same time last year.

Memorial for Mark Eyre '90: Rick Neff '90 e-mailed me to let me and others know that the plans for the Mark Eyre memorial at Arlington National Cemetery have been finalized. The memorial services will be held at Arlington National Cemetery on Thursday, October 9, 1997 at 10:30AM. Everyone is to meet at the Administration Building and the service will proceed from there. A lunch is planned after the service. If you would like to attend the lunch, please send an e-mail to Lalie Eyre at markeyre@aol.com. Please provide the number of people you expect in your party. Additional information can be obtained at the following (class of '90) website: http://www.vmi90.org.

Response to the Bishop's Comments: Last week I forwarded a newspaper article which addressed an article that Richmond's Bishop Sullivan had written about the VMI rat line. I received several e-mails from our participants that were (ahem) highly critical of the Bishop. A number of folks have asked for the Bishop's address. I don't have it. But, if any of our Richmond participants can track it down and let me know, I'll pass it along.

Class of '90 Website: Rick Neff '90 maintains the class of '90 website. He tells me that he's been posting all of our Cyber Corps e-mails to that site in the event that anyone has missed some or hit the old delete key a little too fast. Address for the Cyber Corps e-mails is: http://www.vmi90.org/cybercor.htm.

Cadet Newspaper: The VMI Cadet newspaper has an address where you can subscribe. You can go to http://www.vmi.edu/~thecadet/subscrip.htm.

Goings On at The Citadel: Well, the second lady who left The Citadel last year has filed suit. I don't have the article in front of me, but I believe she's suing six male cadets as opposed to suing The Citadel.

VMI Commemorative Plate: Someone has a VMI Wedgewood dinner plate for sale that was issued in 1939 to commemorate the Institute's centennial. The center depicts the monument of Virginia Mourning Her Dead. As far as I know there is just one plate for sale. The price is $45 plus shipping costs. If interested you can call 413-549-6553.

Arachnophobia (fear of spiders): OK, OK, so I'm not sure if this spelling is correct or not!! Anyway, for those who have attended football games this year, they indicate that the VMI spider is not longer on the helmets. To quote one such person, "There is a new ugly monogram."

In Need of Help: I need some help in tracking newspaper articles. Simply stated, I don't have the time to continue to track newspapers in Richmond, DC, etc. in search of VMI related articles. I'd like some volunteers to track these papers for me with the understanding that related articles be forwarded to me for review and possible distribution to or review for our participants. I'm looking for someone to track such newspapers as the Richmond Times-Dispatch, the Washington Post and Washington Times, the WSJ, the Roanoke Times, etc. If you'd be interested in helping out, let me know. Some folks already send me articles for which I am very appreciative. Also, an AOL feature automatically sends me AP articles relative to VMI or The Citadel, so I won't need the AP stuff. Thanks in advance.

That's it for this week.

Yours in the Spirit,
RB Lane '75

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