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VMI Alumni Association Meeting: The Fall meeting of the Board of Directors of The VMI Alumni Association will be held Saturday, August 16, at 9:00 AM in Moody Hall. Committee meetings will be held on Friday afternoon, August 15, beginning at 1:00PM. As I have mentioned in the past, all alumni are welcome to attend, but you should call in advance (Louella Allen at 800-444-1839) and let them know that you'll be in attendance. I'll be unable to attend so I'll be looking for some of our participants to fill me in. Schedule of events is as follows:

Friday, August 15
11:45 AM Buffet Lunch - Activity Room - Moody Hall

Committee Meetings

1:00 PM Executive - Library - Moody Hall
1:00 PM Academic Affairs - Board Room - Moody Hall
1:30 PM Placement - Carroll Hall - 2nd floor - Room 314
2:00 PM Nominating - Paul Maini's Office - Moody Hall
2:00 PM Co-Curriculum - Board Room - Smith Hall
2:30 PM Admissions Assistance and
Marketing & Public Relations - Science Bldg - Room 400
3:00 PM Alumni Affairs - Executive Dining Hall - Moody Hall
3:00 PM Technology - Library - Moody Hall
4:00 PM Committee Reporting Session - Board Room - Moody Hall

6:30 PM Cookout - McKethan Park

Saturday, August 16
7:30 AM Finance - Executive Dining Room - Moody Hall
8:30 AM Continental Breakfast - Moody Hall
9:00 AM Board Meeting - Board Room - Moody Hall

Again, if you haven't attended a board meeting, I recommend that you do so. They can be pretty interesting. Also, VMI will be receiving its first women a couple days after this meeting, so the meeting should provide some good update info.

VMI Screensavers: There is a company in Lexington that has VMI screensavers. Address is: Tay-Jee Software Corp
PO Box 835
Lexington, VA 24450

The company website is: http://www.tayjeesoft.com

Question for the Cyber Corps: Does anyone know how many general officers VMI has on active duty and which branches they serve in???

Revamped VMI News: Chuck Steenburgh '86, Assistant Director of VMI Public Relations Office, e-mails to inform everyone that VMI's website has a revamped "VMI News" section. The address is: http://www.vmi.edu/~pr/VMINews.html. . I took a look and it is pretty slick. Actually the whole VMI website looks a lot better. If you need to get in touch with Chuck re: any VMI public relations stuff, he can be reached at cjs@vmi.edu. .

In Case You're In Pittsburgh: Our local chapter is hosting our annual golf outing on Wed. Sept. 17 at the Pittsburgh North Golf Club. If any out of area alumni are in the area and would like to participate, drop me an e-mail.

New VMI Book: Paul Whitmore '94 e-mails that he recently received a book entitled "The Young Lions" by James Lee Conrad '78 (published by Stackpole Books, 5067 Ritter Rd., Mechanicsburg, PA 17065). Book is about the 4 southern military academies (VMI, SCMA, GMI and Alabama) and their involvement in the Civil War. Price is in the $25 range.

VMI Class Notes on Web Site: Hugh Brien '88 e-mails that he is willing to host any VMI class notes on his web site. He will also provide some web consulting services free of charge. Free??? Whoa...Hugh, you and I need to talk partner!!! Hugh's e-mail address is: vmialum@erols.com.
His web site is: http://www.erols.com/vmialum/

Little Sorrell: The bones of Little Sorrell (Stonewall's horse) were buried recently on VMI's parade ground. Little Sorrell's cremated remains were placed in a handmade walnut casket about the size of a filing cabinet and buried and marked with a stone monument at the base of Stonewall's statue. Nearly 400 people turned out for the ceremony.

James Robertson, a Virginia Tech history professor and Jackson biographer, said that this is one of the most famous horses in American history.

Other Matters:....by the way, Myrtle Beach was great!!!!

Stay tuned.

Yours in the Spirit,
RB Lane '75

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