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Alumni and Friends of VMI:

Cyber Corps Numbers: Heck if I know. Busy trying to update addressed, delete outdated addresses, etc. A number of participants recently provided me with address changes. Bear with me as I try to get my address book updated.

Bumper Sticker: I understand that a new bumper sticker is floating around. It has the VMI spider on one side and next to it: "Old Corps 1839 - 1997". If anyone is interested in purchasing one of these you can contact University Sportswear, 15 W. Washington Street, Lexington, VA 24450. Phone number 540-464-3000, fax number 540-464-6305. Not sure how much these stickers cost.

Haircuts: I've gotten a couple phone calls from Pittsburgh area alumni recently and they have some concerns about the haircuts that the incoming women will receive. So, I called down to VMI today and was told that women and men rats will have the same haircuts. Specifically, 5/8 inch on the side with 1 to 1 1/2 inches on the top. Six weeks after matriculation all rats will be allowed to grow hair to regulation military length. In the case of the women the hair (after the first 6 weeks) must be above the ears and off the collar in the back.

Updates: If an of our participants will be on hand next week when the rats arrive, I'd appreciate your impressions. I may send out an early week special edition to pass along impressions, etc. Although I'm sure all the major networks will be there to cover the event.

The VMI Cadet: With the advent of the coming semester at VMI, I'd encourage folks to subscribe to The Cadet newspaper. Addresss of The Cadet is:
The Cadet
Box 7
Virginia Military Institute
Lexington, VA 24450

Not sure what the subscription rate is, but I'm sure they could bill you later. I have The Cadet e-mail address around here somewhere and I'll provide that address if I run across it.

Female Athletic Scholarships at The Citadel and VMI: An recent AP article indicates that The Citadel has signed its first female scholarship athlete. The 18 year old runner from Fayettville, NC will join The Citadel cross coutry team. This woman and two women who have been awarded track scholarships at VMI will be allowed to compete as individuals in the Southern Conference, which waived its requirement for a team of five.

Dinner in the DC Area: I hope a bunch of us can still get together for dinner in the DC area sometime during September. I've been working with my BR Doug Baird in an effort to nail down a location, etc. Stay tuned...we still hope to pull this off.

Recruiting Efforts: I spoke with someone who attended a recent recruiting workshop down in Lexington. They indicated there's a new spirit and enthusiasm down at the Institute.

This week has been kinda slow in terms of news. I'm sure it'll pick up next week. Until then.....

Yours in the Spirit,
RB Lane '75

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