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Fiction?: Boy, I guess I need to be embarrassed. A couple weeks ago I mentioned that after Gen Bunting's speech at the National Press Club that I had picked up a copy of his new book, An Education for Our Time. Well I read the book from cover to cover and it really is a compelling read. It was such a compelling read that I thought the subject matter (a wealthy business leaves about a billion dollars to endow a new college in Wyoming) and players were all true. Come to find out, they aren't. Oh well. Even though this is a work of fiction (although I think there must be a more appropriate word), it is a great book and worth your while. Of course if anyone has a billion dollars lying around, you may want to contact Gen Bunting about his concept for a new college in Wyoming.

Job Opportunity: John Piedmont '89 e-mailed and provided info re: the following job opportunity:

Please put this out! MCI's East Region Access Management group in Reston, VA has an opening for what is called a "DS3 Coordinator." Great company to work for, EXCELLENT pay and benefits, very Reserve- and Guard-friendly. This is the perfect opening for a VMI grad just getting out of the military and a great gateway into the telecom world. NO PRIOR TELECOM BACKGROUND NECESSARY!! Three VMI grads in that office-- self 89, Pete Finan 90 and Steve Owens 87-- and none of them engineers. Call me at 703.758.3240 or e-mail at john.piedmont@mci.com for more info.

Conference Calling: Not sure if I mentioned this before, but I think it would be a good idea to try out some conference calling for the periodic Alumni Association meetings in Lexington. For example, a bunch of folks would like to attend some of the Alumni meetings but may be prevented from doing so due to distance. Why not have a speaker phone in the meeting and allow other off-site alums to listen in from a remote location? I'm going to mention this to the folks in the Alumni Association and see what kind of response I get. Actually I think teleconferencing would be great but have no idea about logistics and cost. One of our participants recently e-mailed that the National Guard in NC is in the process of establishing teleconference capabilities at all state supported colleges in that state. Is anyone familiar with any such initiative in VA?

Looking for a Position: Tim Pishdad '78 resides in the Richmond metro area and is currently seeking employment down there. Tim served for 17 years in the US Army and has considerable experience in integrated logistics planning and support, computer systems inventory management; production control, etc. If you'd like to contact Tim (and who wouldn't), you can contact him at:

Timothy D. Pishdad
2420 Sterlingwood Trace
Richmond, VA 23233
(804) 270-7285 - home
(703) 262-3514 - work

That's it for this week. Happy 4th to all.

Yours in the Spirit,
RB Lane '75

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