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Lords and Ladies of the Rings: Whoa...I got quite a few e-mails in response to the mention in the last update about class rings for the women at VMI. Reactions were certainly mixed. Basically, I received three types of responses:
1) The women should have an option to choose whatever size ring they want.
2) Everyone in the class should receive the same size ring.
3) Who cares? This decision should be left up to the respective class. Actually this
was the reaction I received from most people.

Someone did raise a question about whether women would be giving replicas to their dates and whether it would be possible for a male date to get a replica about the size of the regular class ring. I asked someone at VMI about this and they indicated it would be highly unlikely because who from VMI is going to want to give an non-VMI person a ring that would even imply that the date attended VMI? Good point.

One thing I was suprised to learn is that the class rings have really gotten big. For example, at this year's ring figure the standard ring size will be 40 pennyweight with an option to get something that is 42 pennyweight. I have also learned, however, that the members of the class can individually opt for something smaller. I've received comments from folks that the rings have gotten so big that many alums don't even wear them other than for reunions and special events (i.e. maybe when the Washington Redskins win the Super Bowl). Typical woman's class ring is in the range of 7 pennyweight. I think we may see a movement in the future back to a smaller ring size.

Word from the Institute: I received an e-mail from one of our participants who recently returned from VMI. He indicated that Richardson Hall is complete and active (houses the QMD, mail room, etc.). Apparently the access from Richardson Hall to the barracks is called Lisa Arch. Since this is a family oriented update, I won't go into any details as to how this name came to be. A number of women are participating in the transition session (see separate e-mail containing the Times-Dispatch article). Word also has it that someone is attempting to come up with a bumper sticker with some sort of version of "The Old Corps...1839 - 1997" or something like that.

Citadel Legal Fees: I recently saw an AP article that stated that the lawyers that challenged The Citadel's all-male admissions policy have asked a federal judge to award them $6.7 million in legal fees. Lawyers claim they used 49 attorneys and legal assistants and spent 23, 406 hours on the litigation. Article went on to say that the school could tap into insurance money, private donations and even state funds if it is ordered to pay the fees. The Citadel's lawyers are saying the other attorneys should not get any fees as the VMI case opened that way for women, not the Faulkner case.

August Dinner in D.C.: We're gonna delay the dinner in D.C. for at least several weeks. My BR Doug Baird is on the case and has been in contact with some restaurants. Problem is, I'll be on vacation for the most of the remainder of this month and that doesn't give us much time to coordinate. So, at this point, we'll try to coordinate something for late August or early to mid September. Stay tuned and thanks to Doug for his help on this worthy project.

Interative Chat: Probably none this month. Will try and see what we can do for August.

Those With Stars: In perusing the Electronic Turnouts I see that three members from the class of '70 now have their stars. They are Howie DeWolf, Phil Anderson and Carl Strock. Pretty impressive stuff.

GQ Magazine: Someone told me that there's an article in this month's GQ magazine about VMI. Also, that Gen Bunting is quoted numerous times in this article. I'll try and see if I can get this issue.

On Leave: This will be the last update until the first weekend in August. I'll be taking some vacation with part of that time being spent in Myrtle Beach. I'll still be reading my e-mail, though. So keep 'em coming!!

Yours in the Spirit,
RB Lane '75

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