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Chapter Forming in Korea: Christian Hoff '96 indicates that he is trying to form an alumni chapter in Korea (VMI Alumni Far East Chapter). Anyone in or heading for Korea can contact Christian via the following e-mail address:
Other info:
2LT R. Christian Hoff
C Co 302nd FSB
Unit # 15609
APO AP 96224
DSN: 730-3993 (w)
730-3520 (h)

Cyber Corps T-Shirts: Charlotte Cole '74 has come up with an interesting idea. She e-mailed me with the idea for Cyber Corps T-Shirts. I like it. She recommends that profits from the sale could be donated to the VMI Cadet newspaper or the VMI Computer Science Dept., etc. If anyone has any ideas for a design, please let me know. Also, and for those participants at the Institute, could someone please check with the bookstore to see if and how we could get T-shirts made along with approximate production costs. Charlotte, thanks for the idea.

Some Corrections: My last update contained a couple errors:
1) Paul Van Doren's e-mail address is: P VanDoren@aol.com
2) People Magazine: VMI is not being featured on the cover of People Magazine. Apparently, a VMI cadet was on one of the first couple pages in a recent issue. I think it had something to do with the annual Azalea Festival in Virginia.
The editorial staff apologizes for the mistakes.

VMI BOV Minutes: I have received a copy of the minutes from the May Board of Visitors meeting. They are quite lengthy, but contain some good information. I will be forwarding these to our participants in three instalments due to the length. Stay tuned.

The Citadel on 60 Minutes: 60 Minutes will broadcast a segment on The Citadel this coming Sunday night.

VMI in the Print Media: An excellent editorial appeared on June 1 in newspapers carrying George Will's stuff. His editorial discussed George Marshall and his nobel prize winning efforts. I highly recommend all read this. Also, and I admit that I haven't seen it yet, an editorial appeared in the June 3 edition of the Wall Street Journal about VMI.

Honor Court Recap: The following appeared in the Electronic Turnout section of the Alumni Association's web site. I think it provides a good recap of what has transpired with the VMI Honor Court over the past several years. I encourage all to monitor the Electronic Turnout section of the Alumni site. The address of the Alumni site is: http://www.rtp.opensystems.com/vmi/index.html This site is administered by Rick Kurtz '92. He is doing an excellent job and deserves our collective thanks.

Mon Jun 2 16:40:36 1997
To Brantley '69 from Hammond '57: Re the Honor System ... in the Spring of 1994, we had problems in the Corps concerning the Honor System in that some groups of cadets had decided among themselves that they would place loyalty to each other above loyalty to the Code, and "tolerate." These came to be known as the "Good Club." They were found out by an Economics Professor who noted identical patterns of answers on a Final exams. It turned out that a cadet was taking tests and exams early, legitimately, but then pass on an answer key to his fellow cheaters. About a dozen cadets were separated from the Institute as a result. I was the President of the Board of Inquiry which handled the matter ... the Honor Court was unable to for good and sufficient reason and asked the Superintendent to take over the investigation. Growing out of all that was a report from an Honor System Task Force (Don Jamison, Hugh Fain, Doug Baumgardner et al) which recommended several changes in the way the Honor System was being implemented ... among the changes were the end of self-scheduled examinations for upperclassmen and the end of stick checks for accountability. Accountability is now maintained by an increased number of head-count formations, and exams are scheduled according to when you take the course. Each of these changes is subject to periodic review based on expression from the Corps that they would like to return to the former practices. I can't begin to tell you when, if ever, we will return to stick checks. There are a number of constituencies here, the Commandant and myself among them, who would love to see them return, but it will take a groundswell from the Corps to return them. As far as I can determine, the "Good Clubs" have been rooted out and the Honor System is back on an even keel. We had an absolutely magnificent Court this year ... the "Big Three" of Steele, Wrenn and Clark are men without peer. This is a topic dear to my heart, and one I'd be delighted to discuss with you in further detail by letter, E-mail, phone or visit. This forum is not the place. In the Bonds, Roy Hammond '57

That's it for this week.

Yours in the Spirit,
RB Lane '75

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