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Cyber Corps Numbers: 383 (we're steadily closing in on 400).

Dinner in the D.C. Area: Response to the possibility of getting together for a dinner in the D.C. area has been very strong. I'm thinking about someplace possibly near the Mt. Vernon area. Possibly the evening of Aug 5 or 6. I'll provide more details in the next week or so.

The Ring: One of our participants was reviewing Assimilation Plan Status Report # 8 and raised concern re: the rings that women will receive. He is of the opinion that women should have the option of receiving the same size ring as VMI men. What does everyone else think about this? Should women have this option? Personally, I'm fairly ambivalent either way, but I'd like to hear other opinions.

Col Hammond: I received an e-mail from Col Hammond in which he explained his role at VMI. His title is Executive Officer which is akin to being Gen Bunting's Chief of Staff. Col Hammond was the chief researcher at the Institute for our attorneys throughout the court case and now sits as #2 to Mike Bissell on the Assimilation Executive Committee.

VMI Return Address Labels Anyone?: Paul Whitmore '94 has directed my attention to the following web site: http://www.addresslabels.com/vm.htm. Through this site you can order return address labels with your name and the VMI logo on them. Looks pretty slick. Paul.....how do you find this stuff????

Women in the Summer Transition Program (STP): The latest assimilation plan indicates that 19 women will be attending STP. However, I hear that an interesting twist has surfaced. Specifically, since none of the attendees will officially be cadets until August, how will the issue of potential fraternization during this program be handled? Interesting question.

Hey, somewhat of a slow week. Not sure I'll be sending out an update during the next weekend. In any event, everyone have a great 4th!!!

Yours in the Spirit,
RB Lane '75

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