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Proud Day for the Institute: I was fortunate enough to attend Gen Bunting's speech yesterday at the National Press Club. His remarks were articulate and persuasive. I asked someone from the Alumni Association how many VMI alumni were present. He indicated approximately 100. VMI was well represented and I don't think this was lost on the media. A transcript of Gen Bunting's remarks can be found at the National Press Club site: http://npc.press.org.

Seems C-Span only reaired the speech once (like 6:00 Saturday morning). This may be the only time they'll reair it. However, we may apply some pressure by going to the following C-Span web site: http://www.c-span.org/contact/. Once you're there, select "viewer services" to mail an inquiry to the folks at C-SPAN. We'll all want to say that we want the speech aired again. Who knows, they may reair it.

Attention Atlanta Alumni: I recently received the following e-mail from Terry Tucker '95. Anyone with information should contact Eric and April. It would be much appreciated.

Eric Mattocks '95 has recently accepted an offer to work for a banking
firm in the Atlanta area. He and his wife April will be relocating to
the Atlanta area from North Carolina. April has an undergratuate degree
in Psychology and a Masters in Elementary Education both from UVA.

If there are any alumni in the Atlanta and surrounding areas that have
contacts in the school systems, he would appreciate it if they would
contact him at (336) 841-5816 or email him at emattoc@rmic.com.

If you could pass along this information to alumni on the mailing list,
he would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

Terry Tucker '95 (ttucker@rmic.com)

VMI vs "Real World: Perhaps some folks have seen a show on MTV known as Real World. From what I gather, MTV interviews, selects and puts together six young folks in a house for a period of six months. Catch is, it's like being in a fishbowl as MTV is taping the day-to-day interactions among the participants. In seems that a new six month run of Real World will be kicking off this Tuesday night. And guess what? A VMI guy (maybe two) have been chosen and will be among the folks featured for the next six months. So, I you want to tune in this Tuesday night at 10:00PM, you can see how these VMI guys interact with others in this fishbowl environment. Sounds interesting.

That's it for this week.

Yours in the Spirit,
RB Lane '75

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