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Well, it's good to have the Cyber Corps on the move again. A bunch of stuff going on.

Deaths in the VMI Family: I'm saddened to report that Paul Barnes '92 and three other Marines were killed in a Marine helicopter crash on May 12 in California. In addition, and I'm a little sketchy on the details, someone had indicated that a fourth classman died in his sleep at the Institute only days before the end of the academic year. I understand that he died from a heart attack. Our prayers go with their respective families.

Alumni Association Meeting Minutes: While I was unable to attend the April Alumni Association meeting, I did receive a copy of the minutes. A couple things transpired which are worth mentioning. Specifically:
- Foundation Report: Very solid year thus far. Total giving through March was a little
more than $5.9MM. Keydet Club is up approximately 9%.
- Moody Hall Renovations: Showers in the bedrooms have been completely
renovated. Scheduled to have new roof this spring.
- Executive Committee: Marshall Plan 50th Anniversary Gala will be held in June in
D.C. (RB Lane observation....maybe this will make them think twice before not
inviting VMI to participate in future inaugural parades.)
- Board of Visitors: John Friend IV '51 from Alabama had previously been selected as
a candidate for the Board of Visitors. Mr. Friend requested that his name be with-
drawn. John Kearney '73 of Springfield, Pa was selected and his name has been
submitted as a candidate for the Governor's consideration.
- Honorary Alumnus Status: Two women are being considered for honorary alumnus
status. They are Anita Blair, member of the Board of Visitors and Dr. Cynthia
Tyson, president of Mary Baldwin. It was decided to defer the vote on this matter
until the August meeting.

The Job Search: Tim Pishdad '78 recently retired from the army and is looking for a job in the Richmond area in project management, distribution management, or facilities management. If you outfit is looking for someone to fill such a slot or if you know of anyone else looking for this sort of talent, please call Tim at (804) 270-7285. Much appreciated.

Now That's A Sabbatical!!: Bruce Seiling '62 e-mails that his Brother Rat George Collins has resigned as CEO of T. Rowe Price and plans to sail in the Whitebread Competition (9 month race). Apparently, there was an article about this in the May 23 edition of the USA Today in the Money section.

VMI and People Magazine: Someone (can't remember who) e-mailed me and indicated that the coming issue of People Magazine has a VMI alum on the cover. They didn't indicate who the alum was (George Marshall, perhaps?). Just be on the lookout for this issue.

George Marshall: Speaking of Gen Marshall, we are approaching the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Marshall Plan. Another VMI alum who did great things for our country and the world.

Stonewall: I'm in the process of reading a tremendous book on Stonewall Jackson. The book, written by James Robertson, Jr. from Va Tech, has been painstakingly researched and makes for interesting reading. The title is "Stonewall Jackson: The Man, The Soldier, The Legend." It's published by MacMillan.

'43 Mini-Reunion: Emily Vaughan, wife of '43 class agent Hap Vaughan e-mails that the class of '43 had a mini-reunion in Williamsburg in late April. It was well attended as 90 folks showed up which included 50 BRs plus wives and widows. Skip Roberts was the guest speaker.

Class of '74 Breakfast: Paul Van Doren '74 e-mailed and asked that the class of '74 breakfast (I guess for the DC metro area) will be on Saturday, July 12 at 8:00AM at the Royal Restaurant, 734 North St. Asaph St., Alexandria, VA. If you have questions, you can contact Paul at P Van@aol.com.

Citadel in the News: Citadel has been in the news quite a bit during the past couple weeks. While two women left after the beginning of the year, two made it through the first year. The TV news magazine Turning Point devoted a show to the women. In watching the show, my opinion is that the two women that left did not come across very well.

Still kinda swamped, so that's it for this week. More later.

Yours in the Spirit,
RB Lane '75

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