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The large majority of this week's update is taken from The Institute Report (i.e. I summarized some of the articles.) Since VMI-related news tends to be rather sparse in the summer, future updates may appear bi-weekly rather than weekly. Just depends on what's going on. In any event, keep those e-mails coming!

Gen Bunting's Address: Gen Bunting is slated to address the National Press Club newsmaker luncheon on June 12. The audience will include 400 members and guests . His talk with include an address of 20 minutes followed by 30 minutes of answering written questions from the audience. From what I can tell, you may be able to hear his address on one of the 400 stations of the National Public Radio network, or see his address on C-SPAN.

EE Reaches Century Mark: So, did anyone know that the electrical engineering degree at the Institute is 100 years old?

Shannon on TV: I was cruising the channels the evening of May 24 and ran across a show entitled something like Where Are They Now? One of the folks they profiled was Shannon Faulkner. Apparently she's pursuing a teaching degree. During an interview she indicated that it was harder to leave The Citadel than to remain there. (I'll refrain from any editorial comments on that remark.) All in all, I didn't think she came across very well in this TV segment.

This Year's Valedictorian: The class of '98 chose Nathan R. Pierpont as their valedictorian. Nathan is a California native and an English major. He will receive his Air Force commission in October. As reported in The Institute Report:

"...he had no idea what VMI was until he came to Virginia with his parents to attend his oldest sister's graduation from Liberty University in Lynchburg. On that same trip, they visited the New Market Battlefield. He then contacted VMI and was recruited by the admissions office for an Institute Scholarship which he held all four years."

VMI Defends Track Title: VMI successfully defended its Souther Conference Outdoor Track and Field Championship title in the men's competition. The VMI team collected 171 points and easily outdistanced second-place Appy State which mustered 125 points.

VMI's head track coach was named Southern Conference Coach-of-the-Year for the ninth time. (Whew!!).

Four Veteran Professors Retire: The following professors have retired from VMI after many years of distinguished service. Their names, departments and years of service are listed below:

Col. Thomas B. Gentry (VMI '44) English 50 years
Col. Fred C. Swope Biology 30 years
Col. Edwin J. Goller Chemistry 29 years
Col. Edward L. Claiborn Economics 17 years

Congratulations to the above for their many years of service to VMI.

That's it for this week.

Yours in the Spirit,
RB Lane '75

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