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New EVP for the VMI Foundation: A recent letter from G. Gilmer Minor III, president of the VMI Foundation indicates that James L. Adams '71 has accepted the position of EVP of the VMI Foundation. He will begin June 22. I have already heard from members of '71 espousing Jim's qualifications and virtues. Sounds like a good choice.

New Law Office: I recently received an announcement indicating that John Kearney '73 has opened a new law office. His civil law practice has a mailing address of P.O. Box 1031, Media, PA 19063 (somewhere in the Philly area, I think). Phone number is (610) 544-3086. Fax is (610) 544-9026. E-mail address is: jemkern@bellatlantic.net. Congrats to John.

First Class Graduates: The First Class graduated last week. Not sure where I saw it, but the speaker was US Senator Phil Gramm (I think I have the spelling right on his name). Sounded like a pretty impressive gathering.

More From the Alumni Association Meeting Minutes: The following is another segment of the minutes from the April 4, 1998 Alumni Association board meeting.

Executive Committee Report - Stephen C. Fogelman '71
Mr. Fogelman began the executive committee report by congratulating the investment committee, which has carefully, diligently and successfully invested the monies contributed by our alumni to the Committee of the Foundation and can proudly see the results of their hard work through the current endowment figures.

Mr. Fogelman reported on a two-day conference with members of the Board of Visitors and other Alumni Agencies personnel. The Institute staff put together a most impressive collection of date projections, financial projections, academic needs, goals of the Athletic Department and the commandant's objectives to fulfill the Superintendent's vision as to where VMI should be going in the 21st century.

The first area of concern was the academic affairs of the Institute. It is of utmost importance that we continually work to raise that bar to a higher level. This could take a significant amount of money, in the neighborhood of $100 million. It is not just the wiring of barracks, but the technological update needed by all departments in order to be able to do research, to create papers, etc.--about a $32 million price tag.

Mr. Fogelman said the Board of Visitors had spent two days, hard days, looking carefully at where we are and where we need to be in anticipation of the major fund raising task that lies ahead.

Athletics is also an area of concern with some $20 million needed for Title IX Program and an additional $20 - $30 million for other athletic needs.

Following Mr. Fogelman's remarks, lengthy discussions took place covering many subjects within the co-curriculum; class system, honor system, dyke system, etc.

At the suggestion of several board members and the president, an appropriate commendation will be written for approval and submitted to the board and presented to the family of the late J. Clifford Miller, Jr. '28 for his outstanding service to the Institute and the Alumni Agencies.

Resolutions recognizing retiring directors for their years of service were prepared and on a motion duly made, seconded and unanimously approved by the board. These resolutions were then presented to: Frederick H. Ayers III '61, Mark D. Ciarrocca '82, C. Benjamin Vanderberry '75, Mark A. Krajewski '84, Charles F. McCallum, Jr. '68 and Anthony U. Moore '78.

Mr. Deacon once again congratulated Steve on his successful two years as president of the alumni association and thanked him for his outstanding leadership. The board then gave Mr. Fogelman a standing ovation. (Editor's note....I agree with the congratulations and good wishes extended to Steve. He was at the helm of the Alumni Association during some pretty traumatic times for the Institute. He did a super job.)

The Alumni Board Nominating Process: Speaking of the Alumni Association Board, a couple folks have asked me how the nominating process works. I have to plead some ignorance on this. I think the reason the question came up is due to the fact that the minutes indicate that the names of only two individuals were presented to the Board to fill two at-large slots. Question is....why weren't more names submitted? Beats me. But it seems like a fair question and I'll look into it. Stay tuned.

Alumni Services: Bill Nay '77 e-mails that his wife Doris is an Excel rep. Excel is a long-distance telephone and rapidly growing telecommunications company. I know several folks that use Excel and are very satisfied with the service. Excel can be found at www.excel.com. In the words of Bill, "They are quite competitive and they can do a 0.10 per minute flat rate 7 days a week 24 hours a day and they offer inbound toll free numbers and paging."

If you're interested in obtaining more info about this service e-mail Bill at bnay@erols.com. Much appreciated.

Hey, that's it for this week.

Happy Memorial Day. God bless those that made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

Yours in the Spirit,
RB Lane '75

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