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The RDC: I received an e-mail from Col Joyner following last week's update. Col Joyner's e-mail addressed what would be happening with the RDC. I Intended to provide the text of Col Joyner's e-mail, but in a deleting frenzy I did accidently delete it. In any event, Col Joyner indicates that there will be an RDC and that he has confidence in the rising first class to oversee the RDC in an excellent manner.

Speaking of the Rising First Class: I'm trying to see if I can arrange for the president of the rising first class to join us during one of our interactive chat sessions. This would be for AOL subscribers. This would provide us with an opportunity to "meet" the first class president and to pose questions and get his thoughts on upcoming and ongoing changes. Still working on this. Stay tuned.

In Search of Missing BR: Paul Hollyfield '74 just joined our cyber ranks. He's trying to track down one of his roomies, William E. Allison "Junebug" '74. If you know of Junebug's whereabouts, get in touch with Paul at HollyfieldP@Eustis-EMH10.army.mil.

Sports Update: Tom Greenspon '85 e-mails that VMI's wrestling and track teams both won the Southern Conference championships. Also an individual cadet won the NCAA Boxing National Title in his weight class (not sure of his name). At the final assimilation assembly this past week, Gen Bunting recognized these achievements and lifted restrictions for the corps from Sat DRC through Sunday SRC. To quote Gen Bunting, "If we beat Richmond College by 3 points in football and lift restrictions - then these remarkable accomplishments deserve recognition." Amen to that.

Citadel Sensitivity Training: The following article appeared with some others this past week and describes sensitivity training that was held at the Citadel:
CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) - The Citadel canceled classes Tuesday so its 1,700 cadets could learn how to get along with the women among them, everything from avoiding demeaning language to not barging in on their barracks doors.

``Diversity Awareness Day,'' sensitivity training on the importance of women, was ordered as the formerly all-male military college reels from allegations that two female cadets left because they were hazed and harassed.

``It's no longer that men are the bosses and the women follow orders,'' said Faye Crosby, a professor at all-female Smith College in Northampton, Mass. ``You need to learn how to work with people who don't look exactly like you.''

Classes were canceled and gray-uniformed cadets marched to the school's field house for the daylong training, beginning with lectures on gender awareness. Sandra Thomas, the president of all-female Converse College in Spartanburg, said boys learn to be competitive while girls learn to
be nurturing.

``Women must understand the culture of men, and men must understand the culture of women,'' she said. But as the day wore on, such vast concepts were boiled down to concrete questions: Should female cadets wear skirts? Should sunbathing be allowed outside the barracks?
And should there be latches on barracks doors? ``Oh yes, absolutely,'' said Petra Lovetinska, one of two remaining female cadets at the college. ``I had several people just walk in without knocking.''

The Citadel dropped a bitter court fight to stay all-male and enrolled four female cadets in August after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled a similar all-male policy at Virginia Military Institute was unconstitutional.

Two of the women, Nancy Mentavlos and Kim Messer, left after the first semester, alleging among other things that male cadets forced them to drink alcohol and set their clothes on fire. The school has disciplined 14 male cadets and state officials and the FBI are still investigating possible criminal violations. Senior cadet Sean McBride said he thought the sessions would help.

``We need to stop worrying about being the last class'' of men, he said. ``We have this old corps group that wants to live in the past. We need to be looking at the fact we're the first and be proud of it.''

Thirty-five women have been accepted for this fall's freshman class, and 12 have already indicated they will attend. As many as five upperclass female cadets from Texas A&M may also be on campus in the fall as exchange students.

Status of VWIL: I've received a couple e-mails asking about the status of the VWIL program up at Mary Baldwin. Not sure about the status but will double check.

Transition at the VMI Foundation: I've also received some e-mails asking if I'd heard anything about why John Walters '66 was recently fired from his position at the VMI Foundation. I did check the electronic turnouts on the alumni home page on the internet and it does seem that John's firing has created somewhat of a stir. Let me say at the outset that I don't know John or any details surrounding this action. I offer no opinion either way, and only mention this as I mention other transitions taking place in Lexington.

Interesting Reading: Thanks to Kevin Smaple '84 for sharing the following:

The following is an unsolicited opinion from a female midshipman at the Merchant Marine Academy. It is copied, with her permission, from a message to her parents regarding the VMI visit. The paragraph is short on detail but long on sentiment ...

> I was also asked to be on another midshipman discussion panel today.
> We were being visited by some cadets and officers from VMI. They are
> trying to learn the best way to incorporate women into their regiment.
> They are determined not to be another "Citadel". So they asked us
> some questions, we asked them some questions, etc. They're really
> cool people. One of the guys was staying in Steve Horan's room, so
> Steve had me talk to him last night. He was a really nice guy. What
> was nice is that they seem to have the same impression of Annapolis
> that we do. When it comes down to it, our schools are alot alike.
> The whole deal today was just downright COOL. There are no other
> words for it. Next time you talk to Kevin, tell him that I can see
> why he chose to go there.

Regardless of how I feel about going co-ed, I continue to be impressed with how well the Institute is being represented as it prepares for assimilation.

Kevin Sample

Assimilation Plan: I believe there's another assimilation plan update. I'll check and forward it on. I do know that applications have topped the 1,000 for the time in a number of years. Hopefully VMI can get its applicant acceptance percentage down to a more respectable number.

That's it for this week.

Yours in the Spirit,
RB Lane '75

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