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New Chapter in the Tarheel State: Jeff Duncan '84 e-mails that a new chapter is forming in the Fayetteville, NC area. Jeff is the treasurer and secretary for the chapter and any interested parties can contact him at (910) 822-6233. His e-mail address is: JDuncan384@aol.com.

Court TV and VMI: Terry Dorn '78 e-mails that Brooke Elliott, the first female applicant to VMI will be featured on tomorrow's (April 19) edition of Court TV's "Justice Factory." Not sure when this will air so check your local listings.

New York Times: My BR Joe Rizzolo '75 alerted me to a supplement that appeared in the April 6 issue of the New York Times. It's entitled "Education Life". It devotes a large section to military colleges and what they've gone through recently and what plans they have for the future. Joe was kind enough to send me a copy of the insert. It makes for interesting reading. One section is devoted to Gen Bunting and is entitled "The Man With the Plan: 'You Must Learn What to Avoid".

Legacy Weekend: I continue to hear positive feedback about the Legacy Weekend.

AP Article About West Point: There's an AP article dated 4-17-97 that talks about how some of the women are doing at West Point. I believe the article is entitled: "Female Cadets: Some Object to Them."

What of the RDC?: A couple participants have posed an interesting question: "Will the RDC still exist when women arrive? I believe the answer is yes, but I'll check into this. I vaguely remember someone raising this issue and I think the reply was that the corps would have to be sure and use good judgment and common sense. But again, I'll check.

VMI Sports: Not sure how our teams are doing as I haven't received any recent updates. (HINT, HINT for those at the Institute).

Training at The Citadel: The following AP article recently appeared and addresses sensitivity training at The Citadel:
CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) - The Citadel has called off classes for Tuesday so the entire military college can attend sensitivity training, including sessions on sexual harassment and demeaning language. The state school dropped its all-male admissions policy last summer, but two of four female cadets left after one semester, saying they were hazed and harassed. Thirty-five women have been accepted for the next class. ``The Citadel is committed to making all reasonable efforts to create an environment in which female cadets can flourish,'' Clifton Poole, the college's interim president, said Friday. Sensitivity training was recommended in two reviews of the school's efforts to admit women. While cadet leaders had such training earlier this month, this is the first time classes will be canceled for all 2,000 students.

Hey, that's it for this week.

Yours in the Spirit,
RB Lane '75

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