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Publication Blackout: OK, OK, I didn't put out an update last week. No excuses other than it was a slow week and I was travelling to the Big Apple. What can I say?

Tragic News: I am deeply saddened to inform everyone that Dan Fowler, age 9, was killed in an automobile accident this past Monday. Dan was buried this past Thursday. Dan was the son of Richard B. Fowler '80, the grandson of Bruce Fowler '56, and the nephew of Robert W. Fowler '92. I'm sure that everyone in the VMI family mourns the loss of Dan. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Fowler family.

VMI Technology Committee: The VMI Technology Committee met last weekend. Reports are that the meeting went well. Meeting focused on the issues of telephone and E-mail/Web. In terms of the VMI web page, the momentum seems to be toward bringing in a webmaster and then transferring the page that Rick Kurtz has been maintaining to Lexington.

Alumni Association Meeting: While I was unable to attend the Alumni Association meeting last weekend, some of our eagle eyed participants did. Here is some of the info they provided:
Assimilation Committee: All policies and proposals are to be ready by April 15 and for BOV review by May 15.

Twelve exchange students are expected for each semester (4 female and 2 male from both Norwich and Texas A&M with VMI sending 6 each to them). There will be three female transfers from New Mexico Military Institute. These transfers will be "super bull" rats. That is, they're academic 2nds but going through the Rat Line in order to get a VMI diploma. The exchange students will not be in the Corps, but will live in barracks as other exchange students have done in the past.

As of April 2, 82 women had applied for the Class of 2001, 55 have been accepted, 5 are early decision and 10 have sent in deposits. The plan is to place four women in each company as numbers allow. All planned alterations to campus to accomodate women are on schedule for August. The sentiment is that there need to be 20 to 30 women in the class for successful assimilation. Admissions Dept is doing a fine job in attempting to attract qualified women.

Coach King: Last Friday night Coach Clark King was honored as an Honorary Alumnus for his 40 years of service to the Institute and its students. This event was very well attended.

Alumni Giving: Giving is up slightly over this time last year, although the number of givers is down slightly. This is a good sign for the Institute in light of the Supreme Court ruling and emotions that ran high after the ruling. Keydet Club giving is also up. And, more and more alumni are taking advantage of the travel excursions offered through Moody Hall.

Pre-Law and Pre-Med: Efforts are underway to reinstate VMI Pre-Law and Pre-Med Societies.

Nominating Committee: The Nominating Committee suggested and the voting member present unanimously voted to retain the present slate of officers for the Alumni Association.

Honorary Alumnus Status: Second readings on the nominations for Honorary Alumnus status for Anita Blair (present member of the BOV who worked very hard for VMI to retain its single sex status) and Dr. Cynthia Tyson (President of Mary Baldwin College who also devoted herself to VMI's cause) were deferred to the August meeting of the Association.

Future Meetings: Future meetings of the Alumni Association are tentatively scheduled for Aug 15-16, 1997; Jan 16-17, 1998; and April 3-4, 1998.

Gen Bunting was not present at the meeting.

Legacy: I am told that the Legacy Weekend went very well. Attendance has been estimated in the 300 range (alumni, children and faculty). Seems a great deal of work went into making this a success and it apparently paid off. A couple of our participants took their daughters and the daughters had a great time.

Cyber Chat: Well, this Sunday night is the regularly scheduled night for our online cyber chat (for America Online participants). As in the past, it'll start at 8:00 eastern time. Go the private room entitled VMI and just jump in. Doubtful that I'll be able to attend due to a prior committment, but I may stop in if I get home in time.

That's it for this week. Keep those e-mails coming!!!

Yours in the Spirit,
RB Lane '75

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