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Update on Margaret Tice: Last week I mentioned that Jay Tice's wife had died unexpectedly. The following provides some additional details.

Margaret McCormick Tice, wife of Dr. Jay Tice, died Saturday, March 14, 1998.

In lieu of flowers, friends can donate to one of the following:

St. Mary's Catholic Church
370 East Main Street
Wytheville, VA 24382
(540) 228-3104

Wythe County Habitat for Humanity
c/o Alan Hawthorne
Route1, Box308-G
Rural Retreat, VA 24368

Presbyterian Children's Home of Highlands
Post Office Box 545
Wytheville, VA 24382
(540) 228-2861

The above organizations have requested that you please reference that
you would like a donation card sent to Dr. John J. "Jay" Tice. They
will send a card advising him of who made the donation, but will not disclose
the amount of the donation.

Home Address and Telephone for Jay Tice: Dr. John J. "Jay" Tice IV

355 East North Street
Wytheville, VA 24382
(540) 228-7147

Alleged Hazing Incident Update: The following article recently appeared in The Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Ex-cadet to seek second opinion / Special prosecutor to look into 'beatings'

Friday, March 27, 1998

Times-Dispatch Staff Writer

LEXINGTON -- A Lexington judge has appointed a special prosecutor to determine whether three Virginia Military Institute cadets should be criminally charged for allegedly beating a freshman "rat."

Lexington Commonwealth's Attorney Gordon F. Saunders said he requested the special prosecutor at the behest of George Wade, a former VMI cadet from Richmond who alleges that three seniors beat him in the fall. Circuit Judge George Honts III on Wednesday appointed Michael S. Irvine, the commonwealth's attorney of Buena Vista, to look into the matter.

Last week, after a Virginia State Police investigation into the alleged beatings, Saunders had told Wade that the facts of the case did not warrant prosecution.

But, he stressed, Wade still could obtain assault and battery warrants against the cadets, ask the grand jury to consider indicting the cadets, or request the special prosecutor.

"If he wants a second opinion, I'll be glad to get a special prosecutor appointed to review everything with him," Saunders said last week.

Saunders declined to discuss the reasons behind his decision not to prosecute, saying he did not want to disclose details of the investigation until after Wade finishes pursuing the matter in court.

Wade, 20, alleged that the three seniors repeatedly beat him and three other freshmen "rats" with a belt and a coat hanger in the fall. Since then, two of the freshmen have told The Cadet, the campus newspaper, that Wade's charges were overblown, and that all of them were willing participants.

VMI suspended each of the seniors for one semester but declined to charge them criminally under Virginia's anti-hazing statute.

Speaking of Hazing: I just noticed this following posting on the Electronic Turnouts board. Seems some alumni have been receiving e-mails from Dateline (NBC?) asking them whether they were the victum of any physical abuse while at VMI (I suppose this means other than the food). Apparently, this is no prank. Just in case anyone gets contacted by Dateline....

Fri Mar 27 18:36:27 1998
TRT '95: According to PIO, the Dateline E-mails are apparently not a
prank. PIO has received several inquiries from concerned alumni on the
topic today. Thank you for the alert.

A few weeks ago, they began an attempt which can only have as its goal
the smearing of the Institute. It is based on the odd challenges now
being made by a former Cadet who, overwhelming evidence shows, was a
willing participant ... even perhaps asking "Can I get some now ?" ...
as reported to the media by other cadets involved.

Obviously it's a free country and anybody can say anything to Dateline
they want to. If they were to ask me (which they haven't, as ODD as that
may seem !!), my response to Dateline would mirror that of the alumnus
who just alerted ME about the E-mails ... "GO p!$$ UP A ROPE. AND BY THE

Cyber Corps T-Shirt Update: You'd think that putting together a t-shirt wouldn't be that tough. I have learned that the VMI athletic department has trademarked the VMI spider logo. Therefore, before using it you need to talk to someone in the athletic director's office. I did. I spoke with the Assistant AD (Chip Smith, I think). He explained that a "for profit" use of the logo will require the acquisition of licensing rights. I explained that any profit would be donated back to VMI. Seems if that's the case, we can get a waiver (he indicated he would send me one). I have the name of someone in Lexington that can help us on t-shirt design and production. He's on vacation but will be back in a week. So, I'll touch base with him and see if we can get things rolling. More later.

The Recent Breakout: In the last update I provided a couple views of how the recent breakout went. Those at VMI indicate there was plenty of mud on the breakout hill as evidenced by the fact that the rats were covered from head to toe by the time they reached the top of the hill. Others point out that it was very cold that day and that there were concerns relative to hyperthermia. So...that's the last I'll say about that.

Basketball One More Time: Was that Penn State I saw in the NIT final the other night? The same Penn State team that VMI beat earlier in the year?

Alumni Association Meeting: I won't be able to make the upcoming Alumni Association meeting as I'll be in DC this week and will have to return to Pittsburgh for other weekend commitments. I'd appreciate it if someone who will be in attendance will fill me in so I can pass along the highlights to our participants. If anyone wants to get together for dinner in DC this week, let me know.

That's it for this week.

Yours in the Spirit,
RB Lane '75

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