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New Assistant Commandant: Sherrise Powers has been appointed assistant commandant of cadets. Her primary responsibilities will include providing direction and guidance to cadet leaders, overseeing cadet-run operations and activities, as well as working as a staff planning officer. Ms. Powers began March 17 and will hold the rank of major in the Va. Militia.

Major Powers received her A.A.S. in criminology from Central Texas College, B.A. in political science at Fayetteville State University and in 1996, earned her J.D. from Regent University School of Law. She also possesses a strong military background. She served in the US Army from 1981 - 1989, holding positions as parachutist, criminal investigator and instructor as well as attending Army Signal school.

Death in the VMI Extended Family: Red Turner, 78, of Lexington died Feb 6 at Stonewall Jackson Hospital. Many of us remember Red as the director of the VMI Post Exchange (now known as the Keydet Kanteen). Red operated the PX for 32 and his wife, Wynn, operated the bookstore for 31 years. They retired in 1987.

"Keydet Kanteen": Who the heck came up with that name?

Upcoming VMI Alumni Association Meeting: The VMI Alumni Association will hold committee and board meetings on April 4 and 5. As in the past, the committees will meet Friday afternoon and the Board will meet Saturday morning. As in the past, all alumni are welcome for these meetings as well as the dinner in Moody Hall on Friday night. HOWEVER, you must let the Alumni Association know of your plans to attend. Tends to get a bit crowded at the Board meeting at times. If you'd like to attend any of these functions call Margaret Jones ASAP at 1-800-444-1839. I am unable to attend these meetings, but I'm trying to set someone to take notes and forward them to me for inclusion in a future update.

Legacy Day: VMI Alumni Association is also hosting its third annual Legacy Day on April 5. Chock full of activities including numerous sports events, cookout, etc. Both my son and DAUGHTER received invitations!!

Citadel in the Spotlight: I understand that the Citadel was one of the topics on last night's edition of 20/20. In case you missed that show, 60 Minutes will be talking about the Citadel on Sunday night. An AP report states that 2 males cadets at the Citadel did report instances of hazing to their superiors. The Citadel disputes this claim. Should be an interesting report on 60 Minutes. All may want to tune in.

The Recent Video: I only received a couple e-mails re: the most recent VMI video. Those who e-mailed were pretty evenly divided in their opinions. Some thought it was a whitewash while others thought it was well done.

Multiple Classes of 1949: Thanks to those who responded to my inquiry as to why there were three classes for 1949 (A, B and C). Jim Harrington '49A e-mailed me the following:
"During the war (WWII), VMI matriculated (and graduated) two classes each year. 48A, 49A and 50A matriculated in January, the corresponding B classes matriculated in the fall as was traditional. The A classes were pretty small--the Register indicates that there were 47 matriculates in my class (49A). There were only about 30 by the time we were third classmen. The Class of 49B had 177 matriculants, so our work was cut out for us--30 third classmen to "instruct" 177 rats! I think the "instruction" was a little more "rigorous" in those days, but not very sophisticated. 50A was even smaller. We also had some "strangers" in barracks during those years--an Army training program for "Enlisted Reserve Corps," whom we called Erks. These were enlisted men who were undergoing some educational programs, but their whole regimen was separate from ours. They were quartered on the fourth stoop, went to class separately, and ate separately.
There was only one "C" class - 49C. This was made up of returning servicemen - either former cadets who had left to go into service, or men returning from the war who it was felt need not suffer the rat line formalities. Many of them were military officers and/or decorated veterans."

Special thanks to Mr. Harrington for providing this clarification.

UT-Chattanooga: Ain't it great for a team from the lowly Southern Conference doing so well in the NCAA tournament? Every sports talking head in the country had the Mocs written off early on. Here's a trivia question for VMI sports buffs: In 1976 VMI made it to the final 8 and a regional championship. What two teams did VMI beat to get to the regional championship and what team did they lose to? A year's free subscription to the Cyber Corps Updates to the first person with the correct answer.

VMI Baseball: Our baseball team has struggled this season, but Al Miller e-mails that the team recently took two out of three from Western Carolina. Pretty impression since Western Carolina is leading the conference.

New Cyber Corps Update Feature: I invite any and all or our participants to submit "guest" editorials if you so desire. Sometimes I get the sense that our participants want to share their opinions will other participants. If that's the case, send me an e-mail and I'll consider it for inclusion. I'll try to include your editorials verbatim (but everyone knows I can't overlook spelling errors).

Until next week.

Yours in the Spirit,
RB Lane '75

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