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Thought our participants would be interested in the following. Several weeks ago Col. Bissell attended our chapter's recruiting function. I had a chance to talk with him before and after the function. My impression is that VMI is fortunate to have him heading up the assimilation effort.
RB Lane '75

Assimilation Plan for Women
Status Report #4
14 March 1997
Admissions Status: As of 13 March, the Admissions office has now received 940 applications for the class of 2001, of which 62 are from women. VMI has offered appointments to 669 applicants, including 33 women. Eight women have made deposits and begun the reservation process. These figures do not include 3 transfer students that will enter the Rat Class from New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI).

Areas Researched Status: At present the superintendent has approved approximately 33 areas researched by the committees. Those recommendations approved are with counsel for their final review. There are approximately 12 areas still in process. Of the policies approved or in process it appears that over 90% of them recommend no change. In some cases, the recommendations only require slight modifications or additions to the Blue Book to establish procedures and guidelines (e.g. visitation, dating and fraternization policies.) In other cases the areas researched merely recommend the hiring of additional qualified personnel to select staff positions or the addition of support equipment (for example additional vans and practice.) There are still several major areas such as sexual harassment that are requiring in-depth research and coordination to insure that we have sound and effective policies in place.

Team Visit to US Coast Guard Academy: A VMI team led by Col. Bissell will visit the US Coast Guard Academy from 20-23 March 1997 to attend a National Conference on Leadership in a Gender Diverse Military. In addition the team will visit and talk with USCGA cadets and staff. The team members are Col. Tom Davis, Col. Jim Joyner, Mrs. Louise Dooley and Lt. Ryan McCarthy.

Personnel Status: A new assistant commandant has been announced. Major Sherrise Powers will assume her duties on 17 March 1997. She served in the US Army from 1981 to 1989 and held positions as parachutist, criminal investigator and instructor at the Army Signal School. In 1989 she entered the reserves where she held the position of master sergeant. Prior to coming to VMI she served as an intern in the Commonwealth Attorney's Office. The announcements for Asst. Director of Cadet Affairs, Counselor and Physical Education instructor have not been
made. The process is underway; anticipate completion by 1 August 1997.

Orientation & Training: My personal thanks to the Orientation Committee for the fine work planning the opening convocation ceremony on 11 March 1997. The next sessions will break the 1600 personnel from the VMI family (faculty, staff, ROTC personnel, contract personnel and cadets) into 4 separate sessions. The sessions will be held as follows:
25 March 1100-1200 (400 attendees)
25 March 1600-1700 (400 attendees)
27 March 1100-1200 (400 attendees)
27 March 1600-1700 (400 attendees)
Information will follow on who should attend each session. The groups should be mixed with representatives from all parts of the VMI community. Each session will provide a brief update on areas researched, construction, personnel, admissions and athletics followed by a questions and answer period (majority of the period). More to follow.

Orientation Meetings: In addition, Col. Bissell will be meeting with groups of cadets (20-25) on a weekly basis to allow cadets to talk about concerns and issues first hand. These will be informal sessions at 1900 hrs. one night a week (dessert, coffee, soft drinks provided.)

Exchange Programs: Announcements will be made on 21 March that candidates interested the exchange program at Texas A&M and Norwich submit their applications to the Assimilation Office (Col. Bissell's) NLT 1 April 1997. A screening board held by the Deans office will review candidates applications. Decisions will be announced by 1 May. Interested cadets should sign up for classes at VMI for next semester during the normal registration period next week. If selected, adjustments will be made.

Summary: Again, many thanks to all the committee chairs, and committee members for their
continuing hard work.

N.M. Bissell
Chairman of Executive Committee
Assimilation Plan

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