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Bummer: The Keydets lost in the quarterfinals of the Southern Conference Tournament to The Citadel (double bummer). I believe the team ended up with a 15-14 record for the season. In looking at some of the news accounts it appears that the 3 pointers (and a layup or two) simply weren't falling. All in all, not a bad season.

Would Have Been a Great Joke If We'd Won: The following appeared among the Electronic Turnouts.

•Thu Feb 26 13:28:22 1998
After a career as the President of the Citadel, Gen. Grinald passes away
and goes to heaven. He is being shown around the place by God, who takes
him to his house. The house is a small two story building with a little
Bulldog flag over the porch. 'You should be happy', God says, 'most
people don't get a house up here.' The Gen. seems satisfied, until he
looks up and sees a gigantic mansion atop a huge hill. The house has
giant white pillars and has a huge flag with the VMI spider on it.
'Hey', says the Gen., 'Why do I get this small house and Si Bunting gets
a huge one?' 'Oh', replies God, 'That's not Si's house, it's mine.'

VMI Invades Charleston: If you can't beat 'em.....(the following is an e-mail from one of our participants)

Charleston overrun with vmi alumni. Yes it is true Charleston SC is home
to many alumni. There are currently 9 almuni from various classes
assigned to Charleston AFB SC. Of note is the fact that 3 alumni from
the same class ( 82 ) are in key leadership positions. One is a flying
squadron commander (Lt Col darren McDew), one is an aircraft
maintenance squadron commander (Maj Bryan Glynn) and the third is the
Wing Staff Judge advocate (Maj Gordon Hammock). Recently one of our
class mates (Darrell Horne) spoke at the black history month celebration
kickoff luncheon. Even the wing commander was smiling as it is evident
that VMI is taking over deep in Citadel country since there are not
citadel grads in active duty leadership positions on base.

VMI Track: In keeping with tradition, the VMI indoor track team had a great season. I believe the team finished second in the Southern Conference Tournament last weekend with some great individual efforts.

Regimental Band Stands Tall: One of our participants provided a first hand report of VMI's performance during Mardi Gras. As usual, the band did a great job.

As usual the VMI band march in this year's Endymion Parade, which is one of Mardi Gras' largest parades. The band looked extremely sharp and I heard many compliments from those around me on both their marching AND the band's new "pipe" section. The band also marched (unexpectedly) for me at least in the Hermes Parade on Friday Night. And although I missed that parade I did get a lot of great reports on how they looked and sound! Congratulations to Col. Brodie and the band for another job well done!

- Marr Snyder
VMI Class of 1992
New Orleans, LA

Recommended Changes to Football Program: Shortly I'll receive a listing of the 20 recommendations that the consultants offered re: our football program. Two separate folks have told me that one of the recommendations is to allow red shirting of rats. Another recommendations is to allow fifth year seniors to live up town. I again have to emphasize (and read my cyber lips on this), these are only recommendations on which no action has been taken.

That's it for this week. Actually, I was in Kansas City earlier this week and did enjoy the barbecue and ribs. Although, my cholesterol is porbably hovering around 300.

Yours in the Spirit,
RB Lane '75

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