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Good News for the 'Roos: Well, The Runnin' 'Roos won their game against East Tenn St today by a score of 74 - 65. Sounds like we shut them down in the first half as the halftime score was 35 - 19. By winning this game the Keydets clinch third place in the SC North Division and earn a first-round bye in next weekend's conference tournament in Greensboro, NC. Go 'Roos!

VMI Wrestling: Despite having some wrestlers return from injuries, it looks like our team is still struggling. Not sure what the overall record is though. Our wrestler compete in the SC Tournament next weekend...also in Greensboro.

VMI Baseball: The Keydets are 0 - 3 after dropping a three game series to Troy State. Our team was to have had its home opener today, weather permitting. Our players haven't been able to get much outside practice time due to bad weather.

More sports updates in next week's update.

More on the Proposed Name Change: I was informed this past week that Delegate Marshall's bill aimed at changing VMI's name was defeated in the Education Committee, rather than allowed to be carried over. The Delegate can reintroduce this bill during the next session, but I think this defeat in committee sends him a pretty clear message.

A Dining Difference: Seems that there have been some changes in the mess hall. At the beginning of this semester VMI went to a modified version of family-style dining. From what I can gather, the Corps still sits by company and is initially served family style. However, additional food stations have been brought in so that cadets can have access to selections other than that initially served to them. I think I have this right.

Football Recommendations: In the past I made mention of the football meeting held in Williamsburg, VA. Seems that the consultants gave the VMI administration a list of 20 recommendations to be considered. Not sure what the recommendations were, but I will attempt to get a listing of them and pass them along. I have received a couple e-mails from our participants asking me to try and verify some rumors re: the recommendations. At this point I haven't heard much, but I will follow-up. If anyone knows the details of the recommendations, please let me know.

Huh?: The following story is a little dated, so I'm not sure what the status of this situation is. Thought I'd pass it along so everyone can scratch their heads.

Feds set to OK all-girl school: report
NEW YORK, Feb. 12 (UPI) Federal education officials are set to approve
an all-girl public school in the Harlem section of New York City,
despite a legal challenge charging that keeping boys out violates their
civil rights.

Newsday reports that federal officials say the middle school could be
justified on affirmative-action grounds.

Critics of the school filed a civil rights complaint against the Young
Women's Leadership Academy, which opened in the fall of 1996 and
enrolled 160 students.

Michael Meyers of the New York Civil Rights Coalition, a complainant in
the civil rights case, calls the latest development a shift in favor of
the Board of Education.

Meyers says officials from the U.S. Department of Education civil rights
office have also floated the idea of integrating the school with boys,
which the city has rejected, and opening a companion all-boys school, an
idea the board has resisted but not ruled out.

That's it for this week.

Yours in the Spirit,
RB Lane '75

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