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Cyber Corps Numbers: 441 (Ah yes, a recent upward turn in the numbers. A special thanks to Glen Dallinger '78. He's '78's class agent and has done a nice job in getting out the word to his BRs about the Cyber Corps.)

What's In a Name...Apparently A Lot!!: Seems more than a few VMI alums contacted Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall about their displeasure with the bill to change the name of VMI. I received a number of e-mails from our participants and none of them supported the proposed name change. A couple folks forwarded me an e-mail response they had received after contacting Del. Marshall to voice their opinions. Apparently, he has rethought this whole idea, at least for a year. The following is the form letter/e-mail people received:

Dear Sir:

Thank you for your e-mail regarding the name change from VMI to VMA. I
appreciate your comments. I introduced this bill at the request of several
gentlemen who have serious ties to VMI. They believe that now that VMI is
admitting women it is a different place than it was when they graduated.
Therefore, they feel that it is proper to change the name to reflect that
difference. However, I have recommended that the bill be passed by until
next year to give the Legislature and the alumni of VMI time to reflect on
the significance of the legislation. Thank you again for your letter.


Del. Bob Marshall

Stay tuned!!!

VMI Hazing Incident: I've read a couple articles this week in newspaper that address the recent report of hazing that occurred last semester at VMI. Specifically:

And, On A More Positive Note: According to one newspaper account, 11 Virginia colleges will receive grants to help combat alcohol abuse among students. VMI was notable by virtue of its absence from the list of 11 colleges!

There's Good New and Then There's Good News: The Runnin' Roos recently beat Furman in OT (no, I'm not going to mention our 2 point loss the West Point). I haven't checked the conference standing lately, but I believe we're still in pretty good position to make the SC Tournament.

The other good news is that VMI recently gave basketball coach Bart Bellairs a 10-year contract extension. Gen Bunting was quoted as saying, "We launched a full-blown, pre-emptive strike because we know that many universities are going to come after Bart this spring and every spring. More importantly, he is a coach who understands VMI and sees our culture as a redoubtable ally and not as an obnoxious adversary."

Amen to that.

On The Mend: I am happy to report that longtime Cyber Corps member, Erwin Hanke '71 is on the mend. Erwin became seriously ill at the recent Alumni Association meeting and was transported to the ICU unit at the UVA Hospital (and contrary to popular belief, I don't think he had been dining at Club Crozet). He is doing well and it is anticipated that he will make a full recovery. If you want to send Erwin a card or note, his address is:
5005 Dempsey Drive
Charleston, WV 25313

Slot To Be Filled at The VMI Foundation: As many probably know, Skip Roberts is leaving the Foundation to return to the private sector. Accordingly, the Foundation Search Committee is looking for Skip's replacement to fill the EVP role. In a recent letter from G. Gilmer Minor III, President, VMI Foundation, Mr. Minor states, in part, "We are looking for a man who combines great business and development skills with the energy and enthusiasm that is continually needed to promote VMI to many constituencies."

If you are interested, or would like to recommend someone else, please contact Mr. Minor at VMI Foundation, Inc., P.O. Box 932, Lexington, VA 24450. Deadline for submission is March 2, 1998.

Hey, that's it for this week. Thanks to all that send me newspaper articles, etc. They are much appreciated.

Yours in the Spirit,
RB Lane '75

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