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VMI Basketball: The Keydets beat Western Carolina last night in Lexington. If my math is right (big leap of faith here), this leaves VMI at 11-8 overall and 5-4 in the conference. At this point I think VMI is third in their section of the conference. Good to see a win after a couple of back to back road losses.

Job Opportunity: Terry Jackson, wife of my BR (Russ Jackson '75...so you know she must be an outstanding person) recently sent me the following e-mail:

As research director of a retained search firm, I am currently working with one the top five consulting firms in the US filling several consulting positions in the information technology sector. The position requires a minimum of five years professional experience in information technology, system solutions or system integration preferably within the retail sector or with prior retail experience. Teams are being formed for data conversion, system interface, merchandise management system reports, system modification and system support/data warehouse. Relocation may not be necessary but travel is required.
If an alum is seriously interested he can send a resume to the attention of Terry Jackson P.O. Box 800755, Dallas, TX 75380 or sent an email to Tajres@aol.com.
There will be no fees involved but only serious applicants please.

Terry, thanks for providing this lead. Say hello to my BR Russ for me!

Atlanta Hospitality: Hey, a special thanks to Matt Eads '93 and his fiance Rebecca for treating me to dinner the other night while I was in Atlanta. To her credit, her eyes didn't even glaze over while we were swapping VMI stories.

Alumni Association Meeting: Since I was flying back from Atlanta to Pittsburgh on Friday, I was unable to attend the recent Board Meeting of the Alumni Association. However, I was provided the following information about what transpired (please realize that the following is an abbreviated version):

Financial Matters - Gen Bunting indicated that VMI did well in the budget process in Richmond with 13 million being budgeted for the refurbishment of Scott Shipp Hall. He also reported that monies are budgeted for VMI to wire barracks.

Football Summit: Gen Bunting discussed the recent football summit in Williamsburg. A great deal was discussed and the option of forming a new conference with VMI, UR, JMU, W&M, etc. was mentioned. Looks like this will not happen in the near term, but it is still being explored. VMI will remain in the Southern Conference and recruiting for football will become nationwide with a focus on California, Texas and Florida as well as other areas from which we have recruited traditionally. VMI needs to give its players the ability to win. That is, we will work on weight training and nutrition. Will also be looking at how to bring the Corps, the football team and all athletes together. How can we do a better job of retaining football recruits and assistant coaches?

Speaking of Football - Assistant Coach Donnie Ross '74 will be leaving the football program and joining the Keydet Club. He'll be working with Jeff Morgan and will focus his efforts on raising money to increase the Athletic endowment. Also, Susan Wood is being made an Assistant VP of the Keydet Club.

Foundation Matters - Skip Roberts pointed out that VMI is on the road to having the second best year in its history in fund raising.

Nominating Committee - Bob Newman reported that three vacancies on the Board of Visitors can be filled by members who can be reappointed. There were three nominations to fill Bill Berry's vacancy. Those nominated are: Harry Easterly '44, Jack Lanford '52 and Jay Sculley '62.

Foundation Board - Several people were nominated to the Foundation Board to include Gen Peay.

Honorary Alumnus - A motion of elect Anita Blair as an honorary alumnus was defeated (motion did not receive requisite "in favor of" votes).

That's it for this week.

Yours in the Spirit,
RB Lane '75

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