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A Rat Is a Rat is a Rat....or Maybe Not: According to a recent article that appeared in the Roanoke Times, one of VMI's female rats wrote a column for the VMI newspaper in which she called the Virginia Women's Institute for Leadership (VWIL), "quite possibly the most useless investment ever."

As you might imagine, this created quite a stir among some VMI and VWIL folks. VMI's female rat termed VWIL "as military for the Girl Scouts." Some VWIL folks responded to characterization by saying this VMI rat didn't know what she was tallking about. The VWIL letter countered that "VWIL is not a strictly 'military program' and cannot compare to VMI in that respect because "it was created as an alternative to VMI, not a replica of VMI."

A VMI senior also countered with a letter of his own which stated, in part, "Through a rigorous lifestyle VMI can produce many things, however this rat's article shows me that maybe VMI cannot produce a lady, something VWIL can."

Whew!!! Maybe we should get these folks on CNN's Crossfire. Oh, and one last item...the ranking VWIL cadet is dating the president of VMI's RDC, which has the power to make all VMI rats sweat almost at will.

In Search of Temporary Employment: I recently received an e-mail from Andrew Rush 94. He'll be receiving his law degree from Vanderbilt in January and will going on active duty with the Air Force (JAG) during the summer of '98. He's looking for a temporary position until that time. He indicates he has strong computer skills, a good legal work background, and a very good academic background. Those interested in contacting Andrew can contact him at: aflaw@mindspring.com or 615-331-1074.

Latest VMI Book: Check out the following web site: http://www.vmi.edu/museum/book/main.html. It contains information about a book entitled: The Institute: A Year at VMI, 1996 - 1997. Apparently an author and world renowned photographer spent a year at VMI and captured this experience in this new book. Details for the purchase of this book can be found at this site.

Responses about SMI: A couple folks sent me e-mails about the information contained in SMI's web site. As one respondent states:
"I'm not all that enthusiastic about some of their rhetoric emphasizing it as a Christian school even though I consider myself one and feel that a spiritual and moral dimension to life addresses many of the problems our society faces today."

Another respondent states:
"What I have learned is that the process of accreditation is extremely drawn out and difficult, even for established organizations. It seems to me like these SMI people have painted a pretty picture about what their school will be, but they are way too optimistic."

VMI Basketball: One participant e-mailed to say that a recent poll places VMI basketball 207 out of 305 division I teams. At this point the VMI basketball team is 2 - 2, however the two wins came against teams not in division I. Next game is against UNC-Charlotte at home.

VMI Football: The above noted participant also indicated that VMI football finished 210 out of 233 teams in the rankings/polls.

Speaking of football, I received several very interesting e-mails about VMI's football programs and the consultants the Institute brought in to take a look at the situation.
Several e-mails opined that an attitudnal change is needed and some folks need to take a good hard look in the mirror in an attempt to rebuild overall self-confidence in the Corps as a whole. As one respondent wrote, "Everything in VMI is integral. I equate VMI's strength to something truly like planning and conducting "joint operations"...everybody brings a unique capability to the table to work with...it's the total integration of their capabilities which bring out the best in it's collegiate sports programs."

In addition, and this is something that goes along with the above verbiage, it seems that alumni who responed to our forum feel "special privileges" are not the way to go. Most feel that training tables, etc. are an obvious need and that returning to cafeteria style dining may help alleviate concerns about nutrition. But they feel that the football team being a part of the Corps is extremely important and that too many distinctions between these two bodies will be detrimental.

2nd Anniversary: If my memory serves me correctly (and that may be a gross assumption on my part), I believe it was about 2 years ago that a bunch of VMI alums and friends started sending e-mails back and forth. One thing led to another and the VMI Cyber Corps was born. So, Happy Anniversary to our group.

That's all for this week.

Yours in the Spirit,
RB Lane '75

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