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From the Electronic Turnouts: The following is taken directly from the Electronic Turouts. And, it addresses some memories (fond or otherwise about VMI's culinary delights):

I certainly remember the good old days in Crozet. I entered VMI on 7
Sept 66 at 236 lbs. I returned home for Xmas furlough on 22 Dec 66 at
192 lbs. I am giving serious thought to re-entering the ratline next

And Speaking of Chez Crozet: I believe VMI has some consultants looking at the dining arrangements. From what I can gather, family style dining is much more expensive than cafeteria style. Also, it would appear that the term "family style" is somewhat of a misnomer. True, the rats sit together, but upperclassman are sitting where they want and with whom they want. One other item...while the service academies do have family style dining for breakfast and lunch, they can afford to, and do (from what I hear) have a much bigger budget in terms of offering variety and quality of food. As usual, stay tuned.

And Speaking of Electronic Turnouts: I tried to copy and paste a week's worth of Electronic Turnouts into this week's update, but it was just too much stuff. In looking at a week's worth of turnouts, some of the folks contributing get a more than a little verbose. So, the forwarding of the turnouts doesn't look real feasible at this point. I did, however, send the administrator of the turnouts an e-mail and proposed that the turnouts be presented in reverse order. That is, post the much recent turnouts first. That would at least prevent everyone from scrolling down so much to find the most recent stuff. The administrator said he'd look into that idea.

VMI Football...A Hot Topic: Guess we all received the letter from Gen Bunting about VMI hiring a consulting firm to review our football program. A recent article that appeared in the Roanoke Times provided some additional information. VMI has retained the services of Neinas Sports Services of Boulder, CO. Neinas will have representatives at VMI on Nov 16-18 to examine all aspects of VMI and its athletic program. Three men will conduct the study. They are:
Chuck Neinas - past president of the College Football Association of America and
former Big 8 Conference Commissioner;
Gene Corrigan - retired ACC commissioner and former Virginia and W&L athletic
director; and
Jack Lengyel - Navy's athletic director sicne 1988.

Gen Bunting was quoted as saying, "I should emphasize that this is a football-only dilemma. It's a common cliche in American discourse, 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it.' Well, this program is broke, and we are going to fix it."

According to the article, VMI will pay less than $100,000 for the study.

Neinas and Co. will study all aspects of the athletic program, from budgetting and staffing to food services and academic advising. The will file a written report by mid-December. Neinas will present the report orally in January to an invitation-only off campus retreat. Bunting will present the recommendation in February to the Board of Visitors. The Board will make the final decision.

Bunting noted that VMI alumni are extremely outspoken about the matter, and their views align with all possible options. "There is a significant alumni body that feels we should not be at the 1-AA subsidized level."

I'm sure we'll all be hearing more about this as time passes.

George C. Marshall Exhibit: An exhibit honoring Gen Marshall recently opened at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC. On exhibit, among other things, is a letter from Marshall's father to Gen Scott Shipp. The letter states, "I Send You My Youngest, And Last. He is Bright, Full Of Life, And I Believe Will Get Along Very Well...Enclosed Find Ck For $200."

Today marks the 50th anniversary of Commerce Secretary Harriman's recommendation that President Truman spend $12.7 billion to $17.2 billion on European recovery. The project became known as the Marshall Plan. As Secretary of State, Marshall had made the first public proposal for the plan five months before. It brought Marshall the 1953 Nobel Prize.

"George C. Marshall: Soldier of Peace" will be at the National Portrait Gallery through July 12, 1998 and at the Marshall Foundation in Lexington Aug 28, 1998 through Feb 28, 1999.

More Rats Depart the Mother Ship: VMI recently lost its 42nd male rat and its 5th female rat. To date the attrition rate for men is 10.2% and 16.6% for women. This compares with an attrition rate of 10.9% for the same period last year.

According to VMI officials, none of the five women who have left thus far, including the woman who was suspended, have complained of any discriminatory treatment.

That's it for this week. I may be in Chicago for a few days during the upcoming week. If any alums are in that area. let me know and maybe we can get together.

Yours in the Spirit,
RB Lane '75

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