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Kardiac Keydets: Boy, our basketball team is on a roll. Unfortunately, they seem to enjoy spotting the opposition a pretty hefty lead before deciding to come back and win the game. They defeated Western Carolina last night 80 - 78. I think this win has them 4 - 1 in the Southern Conference.

VMI Wrestling: Haven't seen much in the way of information on the Keydet wrestling team. I did, however, see a recent article that indicated that the Keydets recently dropped a 24 - 22 decision to Duke. The loss left VMI with a 1 - 6 overall record. After this win, Duke improved to 3 - 0. The team competed this weekend at the Virginia Intercollegiate State Championships in Harrisburg. If anyone has the results, please pass them along.

VMI Football: I guess the big football meeting was held this weekend down in Williamsburg. If anyone has any details, let me know and I'll pass them along.

Athletic Director Update: I recently read a copy of a Roanoke Times sports editorial that addressed the recent resignation of VMI's athletic director. It wasn't very flattering toward VMI alumni. If you'd like to read the article you can find the Roanoke Times web site at: http://www.roanoke.com/roatimes/. By the way, the article also indicated that some folks would like Donny White '65 to be the next athletic director. Donny is currently the athletic director of Patrick Henry High School in Ashland, VA.

Recruiting Receptions: I've heard from a couple alums the VMI alumni chapter recruiting receptions are going well this year. We had a good one here in Pittsburgh and the candidates (both male and female) were very strong overall. Matt Eads '93 e-mailed me that they had a recent strong turnout in Atlanta.

Rats...Most Return, Some Don't: Seems all the 25 female rats returned to VMI after the Christmas break. However, 15 of the male rats did not. The number of female rats began at 30; they're down to 25. The number of male rats began at 430: they're down to 364.

Rat Number Update: Uh...make that 24 female rats. Seems that Beth Hogan left VMI shortly after returning from Christmas break. If you have an affinity for details, you may remember that Beth Hogan was the first female to sign the matriculation ledger last summer.

You Outta' Be in Pictures...or At Least on the Box: Here's an interesting tidbit...seems Trey Rhodes '90 is the person pictured on the newest GI Joe doll boxes. He is the model used for the Medal of Honor Winners series of the GI Joe doll that came out before Christmas. Trey is a captain in the Army and stationed in Maryland. His father, Carl, is class of '66.

Right Place at the Right Time: Two days before Christmas a New Jersey man (at least I think it was New Jersey) man went into cardiac arrest while driving. He veered into oncoming traffic, cutting off other cars and ending up in someone's yard. Fortunately, a car he cut off was driven by retired fire chief Douglas Baker and his son VMI Cadet Douglas Baker, Jr. Doug, his dad and some other folks saved the driver's life by administering CPR, alerting area paramedics, etc. Pretty impressive stuff.

Alumni Association Meeting: The Winter meeting of the Board of Directors of The VMI Alumni Association will be held on Saturday, January 31, 1998, at 8:30 AM in Moody Hall. Committee meetings will be held on Friday afternoon, January 30, beginning at 1:00PM. A tentative schedule of events is provided below:

Firday, January 30, 1998

11:45 AM Buffet Lunch - Activity Room - Moody Hall

Committe Meetings

1:00PM Executive - Library - Moody Hall
1:00PM Academic Affairs - Board Room - Moody Hall
1:30PM Placement - Carroll Hall - 2nd floor - Room 314
2:00PM Nominating - Paul Maini's Office - Moody Hall
2:00PM Alumni Affairs - Executive Dining Room - Moody Hall
2:30PM Admissions Assistance and Marketing and Public Relations - Science
Building - Room 400
3:00PM Co-Curriculum - Board Room - Smith Hall
3:00PM Technology - Library - Moody Hall
3:30PM Legal Committee - Upstairs Lounge - Moody Hall

4:00PM Committee Reporting Session - Board Room - Moody Hall

6:30PM Cocktail Buffet - Moody Hall

Saturday, January 31, 1998
7:15AM Finance - Executive Dining Room - Moody Hall
7:45AM Continental Breakfast - Moody Hall
8:30AM Board Meeting - Board Room - Moody Hall
1:00PM VMI vs Western Carolina - Cameron Hall

If you'd like to attend the Board meeting (open to all alumni) and I suppose any of the committee meetings, please let the Alumni Office know (1-800-444-1839).

Looks like I won't be able to attend as I'll be on business travel. If one of our participants could take some notes and pass them along to me, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Yours in the Spirit,
RB Lane '75

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