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Cyber Corps Numbers: 411 (I had to delete a few e-mail addresses that were out of date.) Reminder...if you're switching providers, etc., let me know so I can keep my mailing list up to date. Thanks in advance.)

VMI Football: Well, it was only a couple hours ago that I forwarded the article that appeared in the Roanoke Times about VMI football. I've already received 5 e-mail responses that vary widely in terms of opinion. VMI football is a topic that has always held the interest of alumni; both those that support a winning division I-AA program and those that want to deemphasize it. Should be interesting to see what the final report from the consultants says.

VMI Basketball: The Running 'Roos are off to a 1 - 2 record. Thus far they beat Elon and lost to Wake Forest and Old Dominion. Next game is a home game Dec 2 against West Virginia Tech. Speaking of basketball...I received an e-mail from Sean Fisher '93. He and Jon Greenspon '91 are talking about getting a bunch of VMI folks together in Charlottesville prior to the Dec 22 game against UVA. As Sean indicates, this is not an official activity sponsored by the Charlottesville chpater, but it will be a good get together. If you need details or directions, please e-mail Sean at sfisher@earthtech.com.

The Citadel: A recent AP article indicates that the State of South Carolina has launched an investigation into allegations that a male cadet at The Citadel sexually assaulted a freshman female cadet in a barracks. According to the article, the upperclassman has resigned from school. The woman remained off campus on special leave with her family.

Reserve Slots in the Pittsburgh Area: I recently received an e-mail from Paul Hicks '88. He recently took command of a company in Butler, PA and indicates that he has two vacancies (either 2nd or 1st Lt) with possibility of more depending on promotion boards. If there's any interest, you can contact Paul at his home (304-547-1861) or the unit (412-283-2220). If you call the unit, give the information to Mr. Waddle, UA or SFC Wallace, OPS Sgt. Paul's home address is RD 1, Box 78A, Valley Grove, WV 26060.

SMI Update: Many may remember talk of a former alumnus in process of founding an all-male-private military school in Alabama. SMI (Southern Military Institute) now has its own web site at: http://www.south-mil-inst.org. For those who choose to visit this site, you'll notice that the SMI banner has "borrowed" a few things from VMI (i.e. Virginia Mourning Her Dead and the VMI Battle Flag). I've already received several e-mails of protest about this, but not sure there's much that can be done. I invite all to visit the SMI web site and check this out for themselves. I'd appreciate everyone's opinion.

Rats on the Rampage II: One of our participants passed along some additional information about the recent rat step-off. Seems the rats, in addition to some pretty hefty damage in Crozet Hall, also damaged one of the post police cruisers. One of our alums posed an interesting question to me in the aftermath of all this....basically where is the accountability of the first class in all this? The point was made that the firsts are charged with instructing, directing and mentoring the rats. Where were they when all this was going on? Good question.

A Great Web Site: A great web site administered by Hugh Brien '88 can be found at http://www.erols.com/vmialum/. This web site has many great features (i.e. alums can post resume`s, etc. there.) Hugh has put a tremendous amount of work into it and many alums benefit from it. As with any such endeavor, it doesn't come cheap. Hugh will shortly have to pay his provider a $300 renewal fee for this web site. I ask that we all consider sending Hugh a few bucks to help him defray this cost. Please consider sending Hugh a small contribution. His address is: 8661 Point of Woods, Manassas, VA 20110-6334. Hey, it's the right thing to do. My check is in the mail!!

I trust all had a great Thanksgiving.

Yours in the Spirit,
RB Lane '75

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