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Death in the VMI Family: For those who may have known Col. Sauder

Rockbridge Weekly
William Conrad Sauder Dies Tuesday At His Home

Former VMI Physics Professor Was Known For His Work In Atomic Physics;
Former County Democratic Party Head

William Conrad Sauder died Tuesday morning, October 27, 1998 at his
Rockbridge County home. Dr. Sauder was born in Wheeling, West Virginia,
January 3, 1934, the son of the late Dr. Howard Russell Sauder and
Lodema Burkholder Sauder. He was married to Nanalou West Sauder.

Dr. Sauder was graduated from Virginia Military Institute in 1955 with a
B.S. in Physics and began teaching there the following year. He also
served briefly in the United States Air Force. Sauder received his Ph.D.
in Physics from the Johns Hopkins University in 1963 and served until
his retirement this fall as a member of the VMI Department of Physics
and Astronomy. He was known for his work in X-Ray and Atomic physics and
was a consultant for more than a decade to the National Bureau of
Standards. Dr. Sauder also was a member of the American Physical
Society, the American Association of Physics Teachers, the Council of
Undergraduate Research, the Virginia Academy of Sciences, and the
American Association of University Professors. At VMI, he was the 1986
recipient of the Matthew Fontaine Maury Research Award, chaired the
Academic Support Facilities and the Scott Shipp Hall Building
committees, and was a member of the Business Advisory Council.

Dr. Sauder also served for many years as a member of the Board of the
Rockbridge Area Housing Corporation. He was a former vestryman and
warden of R.E. Lee Memorial Episcopal Church in Lexington and was a
former superintendent of the church school. He was past chair of the
Rockbridge Democratic Committee and a member of the Bull Ring.

More Memories of the Institute: The VMI memories posted in the last update seemed to be a big hit. Here are some additional ones submitted by one of our participants.

Have enjoyed the memories - amazing how common the VMI experience is
across the decades. A few others:

Having the !!@!! scared out of me at the Honor Court meeting in JM
Hall during cadre.

Getting a 5-1-5 the second day of cadre.

Having my spit-shine melt in the sun of a September MEI.

Mud slides in Old Barracks.

Watching the stoopies remove the Old Barracks fire plug.

As a rat, praying I wouldn't get "The Butcher" at each haircut.

Getting the Butcher two days before summer vacation my rat year!

The sense of embarrassment whenever a co-matriculant was drummed out.

Duck's Dial-a-Brew delivery service.

The loose window-screen at the Main Sinks.

My roommate saluting the mailman during cadre.

The smell of the fries at the PX during DRC formation.

Committing my life to Christ after the bottom dropped out of
everything my 3rd Class year, and watching Him put my life back

Scaring the !!@!! out of the rats at the Honor Court meeting in JM
Hall during cadre.

Being "finned out" by my faculty advisor my second class year.

Col (now Gen) Knapp kicking in the door and holding 8:00 Saturday
hydraulics class in our barracks room on the first day of turkey
season when my BR Lucado slept in - "If I have to come to class today,
EVERYBODY is going to be in class!!"

By the way, since the holiday season is approaching, I'd be interested in having some alums send in some holiday period memories (i.e., studying for exams, decorating rooms, etc., etc.). I thought these would be appropriate in light of the upcoming season.

VMI Basketball: Keydets are 0 - 2 after losing to Penn State earlier this week. Next up is ODU on Tuesday, Nov. 24.

Update on Col. Joyner: I don't think that most of us were aware that Col. Joyner, VMI's Commandant, recently underwent bypass surgery. We need to keep him in our prayers for a speedy and complete recovery. The following article provides more details.


All members of the VMI family are encouraged to pray for and/or
otherwise have "good thoughts" for Colonel Jim Joyner, Commandant of Cadets, who will undergo triple-bypass open heart surgery on Monday 23 November. He has NOT had a heart attack, but had been experiencing chest painsduring and after the Founders Day Rat March, and his doctors found apparent partial arterial blockage when he went to have the chest pains analyzed.

The initial tests at Roanoke Memorial Hospital revealed the need for
repair on three cardiac arteries.

The fact that this has been caught BEFORE there was damage to the heart is very positive. His prognosis is very good. We anticipate him being back to full duty by the beginning of the second semester, with his health greatly improved.

If anyone catches him in the office before then, have him immediately
placed under arrest and escorted to his quarters.

Nominations for New Market Medal: The following is taken from the recent edition of The Institute Report.

Board of Visitors Welcomes Nominations
For New Market Medal

The VMI Board of Visitors welcomes nominations from alumni and friends of the Institute of candidates for the New Market Medal. Nominations should be directed to the Chairman, New Market Medal Award Committee, in care of Col. Edwin L. Dooley, Jr., secretary to the Board of Visitors, Superintendent's Office, VMI. The deadline for receipt of nominations is September 1, 1999.

The purpose of the New Market medal, which was created in 1962, is to recognize individuals from the national or international fields whose lives have displayed the virtues shown by 1864 New Market Cadets: duty, honor, devotion and leadership.

The New Market Medal Award Committee is appointed by the Board of Visitors. It meets annually to consider nominations for the award. The committee makes its recommendation to the Board of Visitors at the winter meeting of the Board; however, the committee is not obligated to recommend a recipient each year. The current chairman of the committee is Samuel B. Witt, III, Esq. '58, vice president of the Board of Visitors.

As a condition of the award, the nominee should indicate willingness to receive the medal at VMI on New Market Day, May 15, 2000, in conjunction with the Corps Review on that date.

In Search of Some Cyber Assistance: I recently received the following e-mail from Paul. Seems he can't access his Cyber Corps Updates. I'm sure there's some sort of toll free 800 crisis hotline number he could call for counselling given his depression over not receiving his updates. However, and in the interim, I wonder if any of our participants could give him some advice on how to remedy his problem. If you think you can help Paul, drop him an e-mail. His address is: vmibran@hotmail.com Much appreciated.


"Due to error 800c0011" I haven't been able to download/read the last
three or four updates you've mailed me. I used to get them fine at my
old work computer. It would save the document as msg.vz4 or msg.zzl or
some weird extension, I would change the document to msg.doc and bingo,
Word document. This computer refuses to play along.

Any ideas? I miss my updates.

Paul Brannigan '87

A Different Kind of Assistance: I received the following e-mail from Paul VanDoren '74. If you know of anyone who can help him out, please touch base with him.

Any one in close proximity to the Armor, Artillery, and Infantry schools, C&GS, and War Colleges do you know someone who might like to earn a few extra dollars photocopying and mailing some research items. This would be especialy good for HS or college students during their Fall or Christmas breaks.

I am looking for copies of the staff studies on the Battle of the Bulge produced by the post WWII Advanced Course and C&GS students. I read the ones at Ft. Benning while attending the Advanced Course but did not think to copy them. I spoke this year with the librarian at the Infantry School library and they do not have the resources to do the copying like the National Archives would.

If interested or know of someone who might be please contact me by e-mail - pvandoren@aol.com or phone 703.318.3414

Everyone Loves A Parade: The Lexington Christmas Parade will take place on Friday, December 4. I assume, as in the recent past, that the Corps will participate.

That's it for this week. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Yours in the Spirit,
RB Lane '75

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