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You Know You're Famous When: I was recently on a USAirways flight. As I sometimes do, I started working the crossword puzzle in the airline magazine. Would you believe that the clue for 65 down read as follows: "VMI, attendees, now"? The word the puzzle was looking for was "coeds." I guess we've made the big time.

VMI Basketball: Keydets have been playing well. Unfortunately, they lost to Appy State today by a score of 76-71. That makes them 7-5 overall and 2-1 in the Southern Conference. If you'd like to follow conference standings, check out http://www.socon.org. Chuck Steenburgh from the VMI Public Information Office informed me of this site. He indicates that it's in Adobe PDF format (whatever the heck that means), so you'll have to download a somewhat bulky file at first. Standings are updated daily.

VMI AD Resigns: A recent article in the Lynchburg newspaper indicates that Davis Babb, VMI's director of athletics since 1991 has resigned effective immediately. The reason for his resignation was not immediately known and has apparently caught a number of people by surprise. VMI track and cross country coach Mike Bozeman will serve as the interim athletic director.

Gen Bunting states that VMI will immediately begin a national search for Babb's replacement. Bunting said, "It will be vigorous, aggressive and national. I am determined to find and hire someone capable of infusing a shot of lightning into the program."

Citadel Mediation: I recently received the following AP article. Thought some folks might like the know the status of this situation.

Ex-Cadet, Citadel OK Mediation

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - Former cadet Jeanie Mentavlos agreed Tuesday to enter into mediation to try to settle her civil rights lawsuit against The Citadel and several cadets.

U.S. District Judge Joseph Anderson asked lawyers if they would consider allowing another judge to mediate the matter. Lawyers for Ms. Mentavlos, the cadets and The Citadel agreed.

``There's no reason ... not to agree to mediation,'' Citadel lawyer Dawes Cooke said.

``I would rather find out now whether the case can be resolved, but I have no insight now as to whether the case can be resolved.''

Ms. Mentavlos' lawyers told the judge they would continue working as if the case were going to trial. They estimated mediation could take a month or two.

Ms. Mentavlos of Charlotte, N.C., enrolled at the formerly all-male military college in Charleston in August 1996 with three other women. She and another woman left last January, alleging they were hazed and harassed.

Ms. Mentavlos subsequently sued The Citadel, one school official and five cadets. She alleged the cadets made her the object of pornography and sexually harassed her in violation of federal civil rights laws.

The Citadel disciplined 14 male cadets. No criminal charges were filed.

The two other women who enrolled in 1996 did not report any problems and remain in school as sophomores.

Honor Code: An interesting article appears in the January 12, 1998 issue of Newsweek. The article appears in the "My Turn" section of the magazine. The article, which is entitled, The Honor Principle, is written by a female senior at the Air Force Academy. It details how she was forced to leave the academy as a result of an honor violation, but how she was later allowed to return under an arrangement know as Honor Probation. Makes for some interesting reading.

Job Openings: Terrin Tucker '95 e-mails that there are some job openings at his company. Two deal with computer applications development positions in their Information Systems department. One deals with Electronic Commerce (EDI). One other position is for a Quality Assurance Developer (testing applications). There is also a position for an experienced Network Server Specialist (Windows NT). The positions are located in Winston-Salem, NC. Anyone interested can contact Terrin at TTucker@rmic.com or (910) 723-0962.

Alumni Association Meeting: I just received some information (committee meeting agendas, etc) for the January 30 - 31 meetings. I'll provide more details next week. As I've mentioned in the past, everyone should try and make at least one Alumni Association meetings during your life. They can really be interesting.

Until next week.

Yours in the Spirit,
RB Lane '75

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