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Alumni and Friends of VMI:

This will be a much shortened version of the normal weekly update. I attended the Promise Keepers Stand in the Gap Rally yesterday and D.C. so I haven't had much time to prepare the update (got home at 2:30 this morning). I did see a contingent of VMI cadets there yesterday, however. As usual they represented VMI in great fashion.

G. I. Jane(s), etc.?: In a show of solidarity, most rats, including most of the women, in A and B company shaved their heads last week. Seems their dykes didn't know this was going to take place. Interestingly enough, Institute policy mandates that cadets that shave their heads are not allowed off post until the hair grows back. Since a woman's hair grows slower (since it's cut less frequently), the women rats may be hanging around post for some time.

Publication Woes: I was recently reading the minutes from the August VMI Alumni Association meeting. Minutes indicate that Alumni Association 1st VP Bert Deacon expressed his "disapproval, disappointment and disgust with the 1997 Bomb." I did some asking around and it appears that The Bomb contained numerous spelling errors, missing pictures, inaccurately labelled pictures and some pictures of rather questionable taste. I also heard that Gen Bunting indicated that this would never happen again.

I've also heard from some alums that the VMI Football Media guide was not up to snuff due to spelling errors, etc. For those that remember, I got into a letter exchange of sorts with the VMI Cadet a few years back due to the fact that the Cadet newspaper I read was filled with spelling errors. From what I've seen and heard, The Cadet has gotten much better. You have to wonder why VMI has trouble getting this publication stuff correct. In the words of one alum, "This is truly a black eye for VMI." Having said this, I need to make sure to proofread this update!

I'll send out a "normal" update next week.

Yours in the Spirit,
RB Lane '75

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