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Alumni Chapter Birth Announcement: Congratulations to the newly chartered Bull Run chapter in northern Virginia. Some details:

Next Meeting:  Thu, 12 Nov 1998, Mama's Italian Rest., 7pm (Mama's Italian Rest. is located in Fairfax, at the shopping mall right at Fairfax Circle...this is the eastern-most location where Rt 29 and Rt 50 meet.) If you'd like to attend please contact
Harlan Carvey or Mark Whisenant so they can get a read on attendance numbers.

President:              Harlan Carvey '89 (WebMaster) carvdawg@patriot.net or
(703) 620-2142
Vice-President:      Mark Whisenant '89 mark.whisenant@mci.com
Secretary:             Pete Tunnard '90
Program Director:  Dennis Milsten '80
Recruiting:            Matt Bogusky '96
                            Chris Doyle '94
Tomorrow's Football Game: I received the following info about tomorrow's football game from Dave Tingley '85. Thanks Dave.

I checked and the station which carries UTC games is WGOW in Chattanooga
which is broadcast on the internet at broadcast.com. Their website is
www.wgow.com. So we should be able to listen to the VMI game but once
again from the opposing perspective.

March To New Market: Rumors continue to abound relative to the proposed march of the rats to New Market. At this point it sounds as if the rats will be bussed a good part of the way with the intent that they will march the last 20 or so miles. Also it appears that there may be a few days of "festivities" before the day of the march. I believe all this will take place right before spring break.

Again, these plans are not set in stone, but I heard these details from more than one person.

Rooming Arrangements in Barracks: Boy, oh boy...I've received quite a few e-mails about the rooming by company situation in barracks (for the rats and thirds now and for everyone but the first class next year). Someone raised an interesting question. It goes like this...Given the lack of female rats and thirds in each company, suppose you have some female cadets in the same company that really didn't get along their rat year? Are you gonna force them to room together the following years as well? Good question.

Gen Bunting's Book: A couple folks have e-mailed me to say that they've purchased Gen Bunting's new book. And, some want to know if there's any way they could get Gen Bunting to autograph it for them. For those of our participants residing down at the Institute, could someone check into this, or would you know if such requests are being accommodated? Thanks in advance.

Bit of a short update this week. Beat UT-Chattanooga!

Yours in the Spirit,
RB Lane '75

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