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Richmond Area Golf Tournament: John Leon '73 asked me to post the following:

The VMI Keydet Club is hosting the First Annual Corporate Spirit Classic Golf Tournament at Stonehenge Country Club in Richmond on Monday, October 25th. The tournament is presented by The New Market Fund. There are available spots for teams and sponsors in this four man scramble format. If anyone is interested in playing, please call Donnie (Ross) at the Keydet Club, 1-800-444-1839. This tournament is for the benefit of the Keydet Club to help in the funding of athletic scholarships. Thank You.

VMI Football: Keydets lost to Wofford yesterday 55 - 10. That drops the Keydets to 1 - 5 for the season thus far. Next up is UTC in Lexington at 1:00 PM for Parents Weekend.

Speaking of football, the Electronic Turnouts have had some interesting postings lately about VMI athletics in general and VMI football in particular. As in the past numerous alumni are advocating that VMI drop to a lower level of competition (i.e., a lower division like Division III, etc.) To get a true flavor of the discussion, check out the Turnouts.

A New Record: I understand that the class of '74 pledged $7.4million (that's dollars, not pesos) at its recent 25 year reunion. Very impressive.

VMI's Academic Standing: The Electronic Turnouts also contain interesting conversations about the public's overall perception of VMI's academic reputation. During the past several years VMI's acceptance rate (i.e., percentage of those accepted divided by the number of applications) has been pretty darn high...I think in the neighborhood of 70%+. So the discussions center around how do we become more selective. This subject was discussed during the last Alumni Association board meeting and I can tell you that it generated some spirited discussion. VMI's Dean, Gen Farrell, offered several thoughts on the subject and pointed out how well VMI grads do subsequent to graduation, etc. Gen Farrell also mentioned that despite all the discussion on the subject, he had never been invited to speak to the Alumni Board about this matter. If I'm not mistaken, I think Gen Farrell will be asked to address this matter with the Alumni Board at the January meeting.

From a personal point of view, I think VMI needs to do a better job of promoting our success stories with all alumni so that we can spread the word. Perhaps this is some information that should be shared with alumni on the Alumni Association's web site. This is something on which I will follow up. Speaking of spreading the word, our Western Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh) Chapter will be hosting a luncheon for area high school guidance counselors. This is a good way to spread the word. It might be worth a try in your local chapter. Spread the word!

Hey, that's it for this week.

Yours in the Spirit,
RB Lane '75

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