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A Few Corrections: A couple errors were contained in last week's update.
1) It's Margaret Jones Tait....not Margaret Jones Tate
2) It's Pat Costa...not Pat Acosta

The Cyber Corps editorial staff apologizes for these errors and will serve 3 hours of self-imposed confinement (of course it'll be watching the Redskin game on Sunday, but let's not quibble over the details).

From The Rockbridge Weekly:

Saunders: No Prosecution Of General Bunting Forthcoming

By David Grimes

"Because VMI's Board Of Visitors failed to have in place a written policy or guidelines on the use of the superintendents discretionary account, there is no 'standard' to use in proving a knowing misuse or misappropriation of funds," said Lexington-Rockbridge County Commonwealth's Attorney Gordon Saunders last Friday morning as VMI's Superintendent Josiah Bunting, III was cleared of any criminal wrong-doing in the investigation of the misuse of over $47,000 in purchases.

However, Bunting is still under investigation for his use of taxpayer-funded state resources and state-paid employees to write and publish a book for which Bunting was paid $50,000, and for a second as-yet unpublished book.

According to an anonymous complaint sent to the Virginia State Police, Bunting was alleged to have used VMI employees to help type and edit the book on state time and used his office and cell phone to discuss his book with his publisher.

"This investigation is ongoing. For this reason, I have no further comment regarding this aspect of the investigation other than to say that we are continuing to investigate and consult with the Attorney General's Office," noted Saunders.

Bunting came under scrutiny on June 7, 1999, after an audit was requested by Bruce Gottwald, Chairman of the VMI Board of Visitors.

Auditors questioned the spending of $46,776 in flowers, books and alcohol. This report was then turned over to the State Police on August 17 for investigation of possible misuse of state funds.

Tom Wright, a 1954 graduate of VMI told the Rockbridge Weekly Friday morning, "I will not give anymore money to any unrestricted funds as long as that man (referring to Bunting) is in control at VMI."

Lee Nichols, a 1944 graduate of VMI and an electrical engineering teacher at the Institute for 44 years also said, "I proposed to not give any more money to any unrestricted funds at VMI as long as he (Bunting) has control of it."

In a prepared news release Friday afternoon, Bruce C. Gottwald, President of VMI's Board of Visitors said, "I am pleased, but not surprised, by the Commonwealth Attorney's determination that there are no criminal actions or wrongdoing associated with the issues raised by the auditor's report."

Gottwald then went on to criticize Saunders by stating, "I am astonished that the Commonwealth's Attorney is investigating General Bunting's writings, including the publication of an outstanding and nationally recognized book on higher education."

Notes From Alumni Association Committee Reports: The following represent some of the notes I took at the recent meeting of the Alumni Association Board.

Finance Committee
o - Controls dealing with the Superintendent's discretionary fund have been strengthened.

o -"The problem has been fixed."

o - Alumni Association is working closely with the Boy Scouts of America. Close to 10% of the Corps are Eagle Scouts. A spring parade is scheduled to honor the Eagle Scouts in the Corps.

New Cadet Recruiting
o - It was indicated that relative to other colleges in Virginia that VMI's integrity is rated high, but its academic reputation is rated low.

o - One of main goals in area of NCR is to set higher standards in terms of average SAT scores, class rank, etc.

o - Considerable discussion ensued. Several in attendance opined that VMI does a good job in the area of academics and we should not be unduly concerned about SAT scores, etc. Opinion was expressed that VMI takes average high school students and transforms them into exemplary and successful citizens, etc.

Academic Affairs
o - "That which makes for good military attributes also makes for good citizens" (or something like that...not sure I got that quote exactly right).

o - VMI will host Pre Law Symposium again this year. VMI's version of pulling people through the pipe.

o - Also considering symposiums in other areas (engineering, etc.)

Nominating Committee
o - 4 positions will be coming up on the Alumni Association Board. Includes 2 director-at-large positions and a 2nd VP slot.

o - Will meet this fall to start considering names

Editor's Note: I believe the Nominating Committee will shortly begin soliciting names for nominations. A comment was made that the committee sometimes has a hard time due to a lack of nominations submitted. With all that's going on at the Institute everyone should be appalled by a lack of nominations. If you know someone who would be a good addition to the Board be sure to nominate them! Consider this Cyber Executive Order Number 1.

o - A motion was made to name Ronald Reagan as an honorary alumnus. The motion did not carry. In VMI's history only 19 people have been honored in this fashion.

Co-Curriculum Committee
o - Discussed the matter of the administration of the dyke system. System appears to have trended toward one of mean spiritedness. Two sessions have been held between alumni and cadets to discuss the dyke system, its origins and its goals. Dyke School was held for first class.

o - VMI Commandant Col. Joyner indicates that the General Committee is "vibrant and being used." May be a need to review class privileges.

o - Class officer leadership conference is scheduled for early October.

o - Discussed selection process for cadet officer slots. Cadets must submit applications. Selection panel is made up of active duty military officers from the MS department.

o - BOV Cadet Affairs - will conduct study of barracks life in general.

o - Rooming by company - 1st and 2nd classes can room according to personal choice. 1st class decides how 3rds must room. 1st class decided that 3rds must room by company.

o - Ghost Barracks - apparently this has gotten a great deal better. (Ghost Barracks refers to those weekends that much of the Corps is absent from barracks due to weekend privileges, etc.)

o - Honor Court - indicated that Honor Court officers are exhibiting extremely good judgment. However, there is a high probability that most cases will be appealed.

VMI Placement Office
o - Placement Office is doing a great job. 98% of those in the class of 1998 had jobs within 6 months of graduation.

o - Adam Volant, placement officer, has moved from Carroll Hall to Moody Hall.

o - Big market exists for ex-military folks.

o - Red, White and Yellow Pages - next edition will be posted on the alumni association web site.

o - Need chapters to take a more active role in alumni networking.

Faculty and Staff Receive Tenure, Promotions

On August 16, when VMI opened its doors to the Class of 2003, the Institute had four newly-tenured faculty and seven faculty and staff who received promotions for the current academic year.

Receiving tenure are: Lt. Col. Robert M. Granger, assistant professor of chemistry; Lt. Col. Gary K. Rogers, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering; Commander John E. Riester, Jr., assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering; and Lt. Col. Clifford T. West, Jr., assistant professor of economics and business.

Receiving promotions were: Lt. Col. Paul G. Pierpaoli, Jr., assistant to the superintendent to colonel; Capt. Valerie F. Jackson, USA, assistant protocol officer to protocol officer and major; Capt. Julianne Fultz, assistant director of cadet affairs to major; Maj. James T. Gire, assistant professor of psychology and philosophy to lieutenant colonel and associate professor; Maj. Robert M. Granger, II, assistant professor of chemistry to lieutenant colonel and associate professor; Maj. Clifford T. West, Jr., assistant professor of economics and business to lieutenant colonel and associate professor; and Lt. Col. Maung M. Htay, associate professor of mathematics and computer science to colonel and professor.


ROCK HILL, SC -- The VMI men’s cross country team finished 5th out of 13 teams, while the women finished 10th out of 14, at the Winthrop University Invitational cross country meet, held Saturday in Rock Hill, SC.

The men’s team was led by Joe Smith who completed the 8k course in 25:33 Smith was followed by Chris Green in 39th place with a time of 26:24, Michael Lokale in 50th place with a time of 26:53 ,and Randy Hager in 54th place with a time of 26:59

The women’s team was paced by Rachel Love, who finished the 3 mile course in 19:38 good enough for 42nd place. Jackie Tugman was the next highest finisher for VMI at 57th place with a time of 20:08. Tugman was followed by Gussie Lord who finished 61st place with a time of 20:12 and Erin Claunch in 70th place with a time of 20:28.


LEXINGTON, VA.. -- In the 35th meeting between these two Lexington schools, Keane Jones (Locust Grove, Va./ South Carroll Md.) scored the game's lone goal at the 38th minute of the match to lead VMI to a 1-0 victory over in-town rival Washington & Lee.

Jones' goal, his second of the season, occurred after recovering a loose ball in front of W&L goalkeeper Brad Hearn. Washington & Lee (1-3) had numerous opportunities to tie the game, but VMI goalkeeper John Simmons (Chillicothe, Ohio/Chillicothe) refused to relinquish the lead.

With the win, VMI improves to 4-2-0 on the season and will next face UNC Asheville on Saturday, September 25 at 11 AM at Patchin Field on the post of VMI.

VMI Tennis:
VMI blanks Emory & Henry 7-0 (20 Sep 99)


1. Slobodan Stipic (VMI), def. Chris Brown (EH) 6-1, 6-0
2. Alan Johnson (VMI) def. Shaun Lundy (EH), 6-0, 6-2
3. Tom Huffman (VMI) def. Adam Kennedy (EH), 6-2, 6-2
4. Tappan August (VMI) def. Spurgess Easter (EH), 6-3, 6-2
5. Brett Carter (VMI) def. Greg Gill (EH), 6-4, 6-2
6. Ryan Spivey (VMI) def. Aaron Richardson (EH), 3-6, 6-4, (8-6)


1. Stipic/Huffman (VMI) def. Brown/Kennedy (EH), 8-2
2. Lowrance/Johnson (VMI) def. Lundy/Gill (EH), 8-0
3. August/Ted Nevatt (VMI) def. Easter/Richardson (EH), 8-0

Record: VMI: 1-1 

That's it for this week.

Yours in the Spirit,
RB Lane '75

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