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Spotted In the USA Today on July 22:
From the Across the USA Section - Virginia: King George - The King George County Planning Commission has approvied a plan for a $20 million private military school. Plans call for a Christian-based coed boarding school that will include ninth through 12th grades. The proposed Virginia Naval Academy will be built along the Rappahannock River near the U.S. 301 bridge.

Letter From A USMA Grad: Glenn Jones '76 shared the following letter with me. As Glenn told me, the letter does a nice job articulating some of the things plebe systems (or rat lines for that matter) seek to achieve.

Forwarded with permission of the author, Bo Friesen USMA 83 (15 Jun 99)

I'd like to chime in with my two cents on the 4th Class System, as I experienced it. My plebe year was during 79-80 and, although it was probably not as draconian as that of the more senior members of this forum, it appears to be considerably different from what exists today.

As I went through it, I did not understand how cutting a pie into nine equal pieces would help an officer lead soldiers into battle. The myriad of disjointed memorizations, ludicrous tasks and perpetual panic mode seemed to have very little to do with the profession of arms. I maintained this attitude throughout my upper class years and I was definitely not a flame, although fairly stern and consistent. I kept this perspective as a junior officer ... right up to the moment I commanded a cavalry troop in the gulf war.

One night, at around 0100, we conducted a passage of lines to assault an airfield. We had gone almost 60 hours without sleep and it was raining with a vengeance (yes, rain in the desert ... lots of it). Our own artillery was falling short and landing amongst us, one of my platoon leaders was heading off in a tangent to the direction he should have been following, the squadron main body was drifting too far north, my driver was heading straight for a ravine, a tank in my 4th platoon threw a track, we found ourselves in the middle of one of our own DPICM minefields, the objective was spotted on our right flank (instead of in front of us, where it should have been), almost no maps existed for our area of operations, my boss was perpetually screaming for me to change to his frequency (an impossibility with the wonderfully designed, single-transmitter command tanks), a half dozen spot reports were coming in from my troops (all critical), my intel NCO had a critical update, my XO had a critical update, my ops NCO had a critical update, my 1SG had a critical update, my gunner had spotted dismounts, the regimentalcommander was forward with us adding his own personal guidance, visibility was almost zero, there was a suspected use of chemical weapons, regimental S-2 reported 500 heavily armed Republican Guards on our objective (later determined to be a squad of American engineers), and I had a moderate to severe case of dysentery. (... a run-on sentence, I know, but then again it was a run-on night.)

It was during this little slice of heaven (of all places) that the 4thClass System was lluminated to me in all its glory. Its goal was not harassment, ridicule or punishment. Its goal was to train the neural network to deal with an overwhelming amount of disjointed information, quickly process that information, categorize it, and make rapid, sound decisions. At that moment, I would have gladly given a month's pay to the genius who devised the 4th Class System. It provided me with a priceless gift to sort the significant from the insignificant and do my job in a much better fashion. From my perspective, THAT is the rationale behind the system. It trains your brain in a non-lethal environment to sort through the mess, bring some order to it and continue functioning.

It is an extremely nasty world out there, and part of the academy's mission is to train graduates to survive and excel in that world. We are not doing the graduates any favors by sugar-coating things and putting a happy face on everything. There is still plenty of unadulterated evil, brute force and chaos to go around. Pretending it isn't there will not make it go away. I sincerely hope that there are enough qualified people to deal with the future chaos and brute force quickly and effectively enough to protect our interests and keep it off our shores. Don't dismiss the 4th Class System as an archaic anachronism. I have found it to be one of the most valuable training programs I have ever undergone.

Just my 2 cents ...
Bo Friesen

The Jerry Brown Connection: Our last update mentioned that Jerry Brown (mayor of Oakland) was pushing for an Oakland Military Academy. Chuck Steenburgh '86 of VMI's PIO reminded me of the following... There's a story BEHIND the Jerry Brown move. The current city manager of Oakland, Robert C. Bobb, used to be city manager of Richmond, has a son who went to VMI ('97), and was a member of the VMI Board of Visitors until recently (when he left Richmond for Oakland, a year or two ago).

Various Job Opportunities:
Can you post the attached job description to your weekly newsletter? The company I work for has a healthy work environment and is pretty low stress (in my opinion) with alot of retired military types (mainly Navy and USCG). Best of all its located three blocks from "Old Town" Alexandria. We are looking for a "Few Good Men (or Women)" and hope someone in the VMI community would be interested or know somebody that might be interested in the position.


John M. Gillespie '88
Senior Analyst/Engineer
PCCI, Inc.

Senior Analyst Job Description
Senior Analyst supports PCCI's contract with the Office of Pipeline Safety, Research and Special Programs Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). Specifically, Senior Analyst supports work tasks issued by the Office of Pipeline Safety under the Oil Pollution Act (OPA) Implementation and Monitoring subarea of work in the contract. Senior Analyst reviews onshore pipeline facility response plans developed and maintained by pipeline operators in the United States. Plan review work involves doing comprehensive evaluations of new response plans, periodically updated plans and partial revisions to existing plans to assess compliance with federal regulations under OPA. Prepares standardized written plan review checklists, reports, and correspondence with specific findings, recommendations and conclusions for review and processing by the Office of Pipeline Safety. Senior Analyst uses reference documents, written guidance and policies, checklists, and automated applications, including database management systems to accomplish, manage and report results of plan reviews.
Checks plan reviews done by Junior Analysts/Engineers for quality and technical soundness of finding and recommendations. Works with the Junior Analyst/Engineer to correct all discovered deficiencies and resolve all issues associated with the plan review. When required, work with the contract Program Manager to interpret requirements, revise guidance and policies, etc., to resolve issues and problems.
Performs periodic analysis of the plan review program information maintained in database management systems, electronic files and paper files to support program data needs of the Office of Pipeline Safety. Analyses may include collecting additional information not stored and managed in the existing databases or other media files and forming new associations between information to produce data. Present analysis information and data in electronic and printed media, e.g., spreadsheets, graphic charts, and database tables, as required to meet analysis presentation and report requirements.
Requirements For The Position
A Master's Degree (M.S., M.A, or equivalent) in a field of study directly related to the environmental sciences with focus on the prevention and mitigation of spills and releases of contaminants into the environment. A minimum of 8 years of progressively increasing responsibility in directly related discipline and/or projects. At least 3 of the 8 years must involve extensive and indepth experience in a specific field directly related to oil and hazardous materials spill/release prevention and mitigation. A Bachelor's Degree and 4 years of intensive study or directly related experience may substitute for a Master's Degree.
Individual must be able to work with minimal daily supervision, be meticulous and conscientious, and has excellent organizing, communication and people skills. Must be able to work with short task deadlines. Very desirable that individual has the ability, and some experience, to use/work with automated applications such as word processors, spreadsheets, and database management systems to produce work products.

Hi RB,
I enjoy getting the weekly updates. Keep up the good work.
I'm attaching two position openings both at my company. One head of
marketing/business development and another for a junior analyst/technical

W. V. Dunn
703/284-8357 Direct Line

LEADS Corporation
1110 N. Glebe Road, Suite 800
Arlington, VA 22201
Main # (703) 524-0099 Fax (703) 524-7747

The following text is a job announcement for a new position. It is open
internally until close of business July 15th. To be eligible to apply for
this position, you must have been performing competently in your current
position for a minimum of 6 months. Applicants should submit a written
statement of interest to both their team leader and to me listing
job-related skills and accomplishments. It should also describe how their
current experience with LEADS and prior work experience and/or education
qualifies them for the position.



Position title: Analyst/Technical Writer
Job Reference number: 99.7.12.JA
Status: Full-time:
Salary range/benefits: Negotiable
Estimated start date: Immediately
Location of the position: Plaza One, Crystal City, VA (No
company paid relocation)
Travel required? No travel required


Minimum Education (including specialization if required):
* BA/BS in Technical Communication, English, Information Science,
related fields, or equivalent.
Years experience (including specific area if required):
* 2-3 years technical writing or editing experience

2-3 other requirements, (i.e., excellent closing skills; working knowledge
of FAR; working knowledge of PowerPoint) Please indicate importance of
requirement as one of the following: a) Must have; b) Preferred; c) would
be a plus

* (b) Working knowledge of FrameMaker, able to create and maintain templates and styles and adequately use the table of contents and auto-numbering features.
* (a) Able to produce documentation that is concise and accurate; also
consistent in language, format, and grammar.
* (a) Experience using templates, styles, tables of contents, and
auto-numbering in Microsoft Word.
* (a) Experience producing user guides for software or hardware.
* (a) Able to take technical language and translate to language
understandable by a general audience.
* (b) Able to manage multiple tasks/projects on a tight schedule.
* (a) Able to work in a team environment and adapt to a variety of
* (a) Committed to producing quality documents.
* (b) Knowledge of system Life Cycle Management documentation
* (b) Familiarity with Federal contracting
* (a) High energy and solid interpersonal skills
* (a) Understand and apply principles of effective customer service

Job Responsibilities:

List 3-4 SPECIFIC job responsibilities (i.e., answers 8-line telephone
system; develop new business areas with 25 current contractors; produce
contracts on WordPerfect utilizing templates; enter payroll and billing
information utilizing Deltek system)

* Attend project staff meetings and document decisions, action items,
and issues
* Produce and manage LCM documentation for computer systems.
* Assist in the production of analysis, white papers, and
* Conduct research using the Internet

The following text is a job announcement for a new position. It is open
internally until close of business July 21st. To be eligible to apply for
this position, you must have been performing competently in your current
position for a minimum of 6 months. Applicants should submit a written
statement of interest to both their team leader and to me listing
job-related skills and accomplishments. It should also describe how their
current experience with LEADS and prior work experience and/or education
qualifies them for the position.



Position title: Director of Business
Job Reference number: 99.7.16.DBD
Status: Full-time
Salary range/benefits: Negotiable
Estimated start date: ASAP
Location of the position: Arlington VA (No company paid relocation)
Travel required? If yes, what %? 25%


* Minimum Education (including specialization if required): Bachelor degree

* Years experience (including specific area if required):

* 10 years in government professional services contracting
* 5 years in business development
* 5 years in a relevant technical area
* 2 years in outside sales

* Experience in creating marketing concepts and collateral materials
* Demonstrated experience in obtaining new contracts
* Demonstrated experience in account expansion
* Proposal development and management experience
* Solid experience in:
* Telephone prospecting
* In-person presentations
* Closing
* High energy
* Excellent interpersonal skills
* Must be well organized, capable of setting priorities
* Must have good analytical and writing skills.
* Understand and apply principles of effective customer service.

Job Responsibilities:

* Will support LEADS' federal government sector business development initiatives for professional services
* Work with LEADS' managers to develop marketing concepts
* Work with LEADS' managers to design collateral materials
* Perform market research to identify potential customers
* Perform initial prospecting
* Qualify leads
* Coach prospects through the procurement process
* Close sales
* Coordinate start-up of new projects
* Manage and develop competitive proposals

Speaking of Job Leads: Looking for someone with some connections with US Air. If you are, drop me an e-mail. Thanks.

Cyber Corps Hits The Beach: The Cyber Corps will be heading to the beach later this coming week and will be back in a couple weeks.

Yours in the Spirit,
RB Lane '75

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