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Alumni and Kosovo:

The following was copied and pasted from the CNN Interactive web site a few days ago. I do believe that the Col. Darnell who is quoted is a BR of mine from '75.

Mission: Attack Yugoslavia's air defenses

The mission of the F-16s leaving Shaw on Wednesday is to attack Yugoslavia's air defenses, said Col. Daniel Darnell, the commander of the 20th Fighter Wing.

"They're there to destroy or degrade any surface-to-air or (anti-aircraft artillery) threat an enemy might impose," he told CNN.

The base already has a half-dozen F-16s in Turkey, patrolling the northern no-fly zone over Iraq, base spokesman Maj. Laurent Fox said.

"This means we'll have about a third of our planes deployed (overseas)," he said.

More Press On Gordon Liddy:

Virginia Weekly
Front Page Articles

Cadets Like Liddy, The Radio Host

By Donald P. Baker and R.H. Melton
Washington Post Staff Writers
Thursday, April 8, 1999; Page V01

The selection of G. Gordon Liddy as the speaker at Virginia Military Institute's graduation next month prompted protests from some alumni, who were disturbed that this year's graduates would want to hear from a convicted felon.

But it turns out that many members of the Class of 1999 didn't know anything about Liddy's role in the 1972 Watergate scandal. They voted for him because he is a radio talk-show host.

"Liddy was out of prison before a lot of these guys were born," said Col. Mike Strickler, VMI's public affairs director.

Strickler said Liddy actually was the cadets' second choice as commencement speaker. The first, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, couldn't make it.

But Liddy turned out to be a good choice, at least financially, because he agreed to waive his usual $15,000 speaking fee.

Incidentally, among the 225 or so graduates will be the school's first two female graduates. VMI first enrolled women in the fall of 1997, and in that group were two upper-class transfer students.

Alums in Paradise: A couple alums will shortly be reassigned to Hawaii (tough duty) and are looking to touch base with other alums in the area. The following e-mail provides some details.

Thanks for the updates. Really enjoy getting them way up here in Alaska. Regarding contacts, Bryant Streett (78) and I (77) will be transferring to Hickam AFB, in Honolulu, HI this summer. Would appreciate hearing from any alumni in the area.
Rich Howell '77

In Search of 2nd and 1st LTs: Seems the National Guard in Maryland are looking for a few good folks.

We are the largest battalion in the state and constantly need 2LTs/1LTs:

121st Engineer Battalion (Combat) (Mechanized)
243rd Combat Support Equipment Company (CSE)
Maryland Army National Guard
Ellicott City, Maryland
v (410) 465-5003/5005
f (410) 465-5004

With other armories in Oakland, Cumberland, Camp Fretterd, LaPlata, Salisbury,
and Prince Frederick

Jarvis, T. Keith '82

Cusick, Ted J. '88
Commander C/121

Gillespie, John M. '88
Operations Officer

Gallagher, K. Weedon '91
Plans Officer

Ring and Rightful Owner Reunited: Some time back I noticed a couple postings on the Electronic Turnouts mentioning that a VMI ring was listed for sale via the E-Bay web site. A couple folks wondered how this ring happened to surface and be listed for auction. The following posting provides some closure to all this.

Good news! A bit ago, the sale of a VMI class ring via E-Bay was posted in this forum. Well, a VMI man from '82 purchased the ring, and upon receipt, found that it was an '89 ring. It turns out that one of my BRs had his ring stolen...and the ring is now on the way back to it's rightful owner, according to Bill Miller, '89's class agent.

In Search Of An Engineer: A couple weeks ago I mentioned that Bill Jennings '82 had started an engineering firm in Lynchburg. Seems that business is good and Bill and company are in need of some help. Specifically, and as Bill's following e-mail states:
"We are looking for a mechanical engineer with four to eight years of experience
in HVAC and piping design in the Lynchburg area. If you could put that into your newsletter, I'd appreciate it. I'll also get in touch with VMI and see if they have any candidates.

William R. Jennings Jr., PE
Consulting Engineers

So, if you or someone you know has the requisite skills, get in touch with Bill. Mailing address is: P.O. Box 3476, Lynchburg, VA 24503. Phone number is:
(804) 846-0005.

Looking for Help Among the Palmettos:

Good morning. This is Don DeLuca '62 in Charleston, SC (otherwise known as Paradise). I am looking to hire an Assistant Controller/Controller depending upon experience. Am looking for an experienced accounting person with 5-15 years experience with either a major corporation or a CPA firm. Need strong cost accounting skills, financial analysis skills, systems understanding, and of course accounting knowledge to join the largest flooring products distribution company in the South and the 4th largest in the country. Rapidly growing and in business since 1865. Citadel-related ownership but fine people never-the-less. A great opportunity leading to succeed me as CFO. Have recently completed my new home on the 1st green of Turtle Point Golf Club on Kiawah Island. Kiawah, a 10 mile long Island, has 5 golf courses with the 6th under construction. Championship quality Ocean Course and Rivers Course, hosted the Ryder Cup and World Cup in last few years. Company is located in Charleston voted the most friendly city in the US and third most visited behind New Orleans and San Fran. Any VMI grads heading this way should give me a call. Office number is 843-746-5730, Home is 843-762-7655.

Thanks for your time. Don DeLuca.

Resume' of the Week: I've attached a resume' from Rick Killmeyer '95. Rick may be interested in returning to the eastern U.S. I know Rick personally and he's an impressive guy.

That's it for this week.

RB Lane '75

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