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Perhaps All Is Not Lost: I know that some folks say VMI is a mere shadow of its former self, but many others have a different view. I recently received the following e-mail from Seymour Samuels '62. He makes some excellent points about hiring cadets.

Think the place is great, the cadets probably the best ever and the faculty on track.

I was on a recruiting trip for my company. First semester we offered jobs to everyone we brought back to corporate for interview. This semester I recommended that we bring back the majority for interview. Quality is grand!

This brings up a subject I think we all should be thinking about. Many of these cadets do not have the "automatic" job we had (the military). They need jobs. The engineering and science folks don't seem to have a problem; however, the liberal arts graduates do. All the folks I interviewed were LAs. All were of the highest quality (class president, class vice-president, president Honor Court, etc.). Would be great in management, training, and are trainable for technical skills.

Appears that, with as many graduates we have out there, we should have no problem placing cadets. Let's get with it -- hire a cadet!

Seymour Samuels '62
Speaking of Hiring Cadets: On occasion I may receive a resume' from a cadet or two. I will be attaching one or two of these to future updates to enable our participants to take a look if you like. If you choose not too, that's OK. But hey, there is some real talent out there.
Cadet Participation: Last week I mentioned that I had adopted a policy of not having current cadets participate in the Cyber Corps. I received at least 20 responses to my comments and all agreed that this policy made sense. At least two of the respondents offered an excellent suggestion. They suggested that I contact the first class members a couple weeks before graduation to let them know about the Cyber Corps. I think this is a great idea and one that I'll pursue. Thanks for the idea.
Kudos To A BR: My BR Doug Baird recently informed me that another BR, Danny Darnell, has been selected to command the 20th Fighter Wing at Shaw AFB, SC. Seems the class of '75 is doing well.
Cadets In Our Prayers: I was recently informed that a couple rats are in the UVA Hospital. Cadet Fuller was recently admitted to the hospital with spinal meningitis. He has been moved from ICU and is doing well. Another Rat BR, Neil Mellen, is at the hospital form an abscess behind an eye. Please keep these guys and their families in your prayers.
VMI Basketball: Keydets finished the regular season 9 - 7 in the conference and 12 - 14 overall. Southern Conference Tournament is Feb. 25 - 28 in Greensboro, NC. If you're in the area support the Keydets.
Regimental Band: The Institute Report indicates that the regimental band has produced a music CD containing marches, pipes and drums music, pep band music, and "The VMI Spirit." This CD will be available at the VMI bookstore, the VMI museum, and directly from Col. John Brodie, regimental band director. I seem to remember reading that the regimental band will be marching in the St. Patrick's Day Parade in NYC.
Cyber Corps Reminder: If your e-mail address changes and you notify me of the change, please be sure to include your former address. While I maintain a list of e-mail addresses, I do not maintain a list of the names of the folks associated with each address...just got to be too much of a record keeping hassle. Your cooperation will be much appreciated.

That's it for this week.

Yours in the Spirit,
RB Lane '75

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