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Winter 1997 Class Notes


Mark S. Cunningham

9300 Windy Cove Circle
Apt. L
Richmond, VA 23294


Well guys, we have just been through one of the grandest battles since Gen. Hunter marched through the valley many years ago. Once again, the federal government has prevailed and we must conform to meet yet another challenge. I am sure our allegiance will remain steadfast and we will continue to support the Institute through its prodigious future.

On a lighter note, I hope everyone is doing well. Ham and I thank you for your replies and updates. Keep sending you information and please be sure to include your change of address if need be and additions to the family. (It seems to be popular at out age.)

John Golden is completing a three-year tour in St. Louis as the assistant inspector-instructor for 3rd battalion, 24th Marines and Operations Officers for the Battalion Staff. Bill Arnold is also still with the Marine Reserve and is the associate director of admissions at Ft. Worth Country Day School. Congratulations to Bell and Debby on the birth of their second boy, Robert Charles, in April.

Pete and Ana Tunnard live in northern Virginia; welcome back. Pete completed his tour with the Navy and is working for Mobil Oil Corp. as an information systems analyst. Chris Callahan was married in May and is working with ASPA Management Corporation as a supervisor in New Your. Mark Hennigan completed the Field Artillery Officers Advanced Course and was promoted to captain in June. Mark and his wife are expecting another child in February. Good luck to you all. Brian Albro has finished his tour in Japan with the Navy and is stationed in Washington.

Kevin Cool is managing middle school students as a principal at Annapolis Road Middle School in Maryland. Glenn Thompson is in Chesapeake, Virginia, working with C. W. Brinkley, Inc., as a general contractor project manager.

Cal Lloyd is a globe away in Nairobi, Kenya, with the Marine Corps at the American Embassy. Thanks, Cal, for the words of encouragement. Foster Taliaferro is in Raleigh, North Carolina, working with Martin Marietta Aggregates as a plant manager. Congratulations on their first child they had this summer.

Chris "Pratty" Pratt has his first shore tour with the Navy and is working on his master's in information technology management. He and his family are in Monterey, California, doing well, I'm sure. Jeff, Becky and Brandon Paul are living in Charlotte, North Carolina. Jeff is working for Law Engineering as an engineering manager.

Weedon Gallagher had a new addition to the family as of February and is doing well. He says that Mike Manning is at Camp Lejeune enjoying the Marine Corps, as well as Chuck Ellis, who is still with the 8th and I Marine Barracks (I think I got that right). John Hahn was reported to have gone active duty Army.

Sam Stocks is in Port Heuneme, California, with the Navy and completed his master's in civil engineering at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Sounds like grueling duty, doesn't it. Philip Smith has completed his bachelor's in finance and is in Lynchburg, Virginia, working with First Colony as an insurance supervisor.

Garrett Thompson graduated from chiropractic college in September 1996, and is going to practice in Georgia. He is getting married to Tracey in October and hopes to move to northern Virginia in January and open up his own practice. He reports that Greg Hatchett got married. Congratulations, Greg!

Chris and Vicky Bish are in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, and are expecting a baby in January. Chris has finished his training in Pensacola and is flying the H-60 Jayhawk over the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Good luck with your new addition and living in the big city. Tim Feagans lives in Dallas, Texas, with his wife and his toddler, Hunter. He is working with and advertising firm and is doing well. Tim, thanks for the call. He says that Mark Dick is in San Antonio sticking it out with the Army.

Andrew McCaig recently completed his MBA at the University of Texas. Bill Ator is doing well and loving the Air Force, according to Tim. He is working on a graduate degree, as well, and has recorded a 3.8 GPA. We knew he had it in him! He and his wife are living in Wyoming and had a new addition to their family in September.

Jeff Moushegian is in Bosnia with the 27th Transportation Battalion, USA, and Tami and Alex are in Germany doing well. Chris Whittaker writes from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, to report on a few of our BRs he has seen along the way. Chris Watson is a commander of a signal company in the Psychological Operations Battalion. Bill Madison is moving to Blacksburg from northern Virginia to work on a Ph.D. in engineering at Virginia Tech.

I have managed to keep up with some of the Richmond crowd and gladly report that all is well here. Buddy Garbett was married in October to Shannon Plageman...now does that last name ring a bell. The wedding was great and we wish them the best. Buddy as taken a position in pharmaceutical sales with Abbot Laboratories and loves it. Speaking of the Plageman family, Charles continues to work with Signet and he Jell are doing well. Congratulations to Charles for completing his MBA at the University of Richmond.

Rich Duke travels the countryside these days with the Federal Reserve and continues to fly Blackhawks with the Army National Guard. He should be next in line to tie the nuptial knot, but there's no pressure. Terrence Kerner has a new addition to his family, Matthew, which makes it their second.

Keats Wade continues to work with Valens Safety. Paul Holland lives in northern Virginia and still is with the Principle Group. Monte Loving recently completed his MGBA and is working on his professional engineering licensure. He and Kathy are doing well and living in Mechanicsville.

John Cabell is said to be working on his graduate degree at William and Mary and I suppose living in Williamsburg. Unfortunately, VMI did not have an away game in Richmond this year so I don not thve the opportunity to see a lot of the usual crowd there. I have heard that Tony Baker is still at Philip Morris and doing well in Richmond.

Pat O'Leary is with the Public Utilities Department in Henrico Country. I have heard that A.J. Johnson and Greg Hatchett are still in Richmond, but have yet to run into them this year. You guys need to write. I do get to run into Andy, Katy and Grant England at the occasional cook-out and all are doing well. Andy continues to work with KBS Construction and is painting his house. Doug Dillon has taken a teaching job with an elementary school in northern Virginia and I hear is looking for another addition to his family of three.

News from across the sea is that Todd Jacobs and Trey Rhodes are in Korea with Uncle Sam. Also from the beach scene, Lee Havird is in Norfolk still with the Air Force. Ryan Foster lives in Chesapeake with his wife and family and had better stop in next race that is in Richmond.

It is hard to remember everyone when you are responsible for so many, so please try and send your response cards back so we can continue to bring you all the news. In between being a husband, being in graduate school, working and my golf game, I will try to keep up with everyone possible. Again thanks for giving Ham and be the opportunity to bring you all the latest.


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