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Winter 2001 Class Notes


Mark W. Dick

P.O. Box 210
Flint Hill, VA  22627


Holiday Greetings to everyone. I wanted the class to get an update in the Christmas Card due to some unforeseen circumstances. I did not get a set of notes in for the winter review and I apologize. I have been TDY to the Pentagon since September working in the Army Operations Center. I know, no excuse, I have my chin in. The good news is by sending them in the X-Mas Card you will see them now rather than in 2005, oops, I mean sometime in 2002. Everyone say a prayer for all of our classmates serving in the military, law enforcement, government, fire and rescue, and as volunteers.

I also want to ask that everyone make an attempt to update information with VMI and the Class of 1990 Homepage. I saw a lot of labels from VMI that I am sure have incorrect addresses. I want to avoid any circumstances that may embarrass VMI, the Class, or cause me to miss any changes I need to be aware of as Class Agent. I try to give as much to this as time allows. I hope this and your notes get to you.

Andy Conville runs the gauntlet for the second time. The Conville’s have a 2nd daughter, Abigail Ruth to join Morgan (2 yrs). Andy is working for Ford and said Sean and Christy Carty will be moving to Michigan. Sean is out of the Navy and will be working for Northwest Airlines. Andy says that Chris and Beth Shinstock have a new baby. Chris is a lawyer in Northern Virginia and hopefully can provide some details in the near future. Thanks Andy! Ramil Ibanez checked in. Ramil married Ms. Karen Strong in June. Groomsmen included John Cabell, Trey Wetsel, and Todd Blekicki. Ramil and Karen will be living in Richmond. Congrats to Ramil and Karen! Hunter Trumbo and I have been email companions for the past couple of months trying to get together. Hunter is working hard in the NOVA area running the commercial arm of a "small" company. Luis "Sweet Lou" Del Valle checked in to tell me how much he enjoyed the last set of Class notes. Sorry I blew this one Lou, I was on a roll.

Rick Neff is still in Milwaukee and continues to keep the Homepage rolling. Thanks as always to Rick. Sean Hoover, "The Ageless Wonder", finally checked in. Sent some great family pictures and will be living in Tucson. Sean ran into Chuck Ellis during some training with the ATF. I sent out Sean’s picture and Kenny Robinson responded that he and I might want Sean to return our hair. Kenny is working for the Monitor Group. Charles and Jill Plageman have another daughter, Susanna. Congrats to Charles and Jill! Jim and Pam Hubbard are in Palm Beach. Jim works as an energy trader for Florida Power and Light as does Pam. Jim and Pam just celebrated their 1- Year Anniversary. Congrats! Tim and Christi Bosetti are at Command and General Staff College, FT Leavenworth. Christi says that while Tim is immersed in his military reading assignments she has devoured several "Fabio Novels" oops , I mean fiction novels. Along with finally having cable after their 6-year marathon in Europe, they are making a lot friends in the international student group. Christi, I appreciate the great update let us know what the next duty assignment is going to be. I saw Joe Kennebeck at Mack Carr’s "88 wedding in Richmond. Joe works as head of Trading for EGS in California. Joe, do not go to sleep on top of tin roofs, with Captain Morgan!

I heard from Brian "BAD Zhoot" Albro. Brian and family are enjoying a Shore-tour out in Seattle Washington. Brian has heard from Mark Hennigan, saw Chin Vu in Guam and John Golden in Hawaii. John and Debbie Golden and family are now in NOVA. John is doing a Pentagon tour for the Marine Corps. John says he saw Paul Valenzuela while in HI. Dave "Wiper of Other Men’s Bottoms" Walsh was scheduled to get out of the Air Force. Needless to say Dave is still in the Air Force. RAH ! Fully Funded Education service requirement! Chuck Greene sent me some email traffic with great jokes. Thanks for the laughs Chuck. Dave Osborne is looking to transitioning to the National Guard. He and Stacey were looking to go to Tennessee with Dave, Andrew, and Meghan after they finish their Masters. I bolded Tennessee for Don Bowers. Don and Stacey are living in Bridgewater. Don, LSU!LSU! LSU! I hit the William and Mary game this fall with Tim and Salley Feagans and Jeff and Tammy Moushegian. Great time had by all. Also saw Greg Hatchet, Terence Kerner, and Ashley Taylor. Greg is working for D.O.E and we had a blast on the phone. Heard from Chris and Erin Dixon. Chris is in Keflavik Iceland as the C.O. for the Marine Security Force. Says the weather is just dandy and he is spending his time ordering "Code Reds". Jeff and Julia Crist checked in. Jeff and Julia are in the adoption process and hope to have their addition soon. I have been hunting with Joe "BuckKiller" Pittman and Rob "DoeKiller" Gudz. Joe and Karen recently were engaged. Rob and Sherrie are still in NOVA. Rob is solely responsible for the so called "UZI Incident" at the farm. I know nothing. Rob and Joe have been terrorizing the deer so much that the deer have wanted posters out on them on the lower lot.

I hope I did not miss anyone. If so, drop me a line so I can ensure I get you in the next set of notes. In sake of space I will make this brief. VMI is starting its search for a new Superintendent, MG Bunting will be finishing up his tour and completing the "Reveille" Campaign. VMI is joining the Big South Conference for Sports. Please ensure you update VMI and the Homepage with accurate addresses. Karen, Alex and I hope you all will stop in to "StoneWall" Farm when you get in the area or drop us a line over the holidays.

GOD Bless!


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