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Winter 2001 Class Notes


Mark W. Dick

P.O. Box 210
Flint Hill, VA  22627


Greetings to all. I know everyone is ready for the holiday season (as of this writing in November 2000), but as always by the time you read this in the Alumni Review it will be well into Easter Bunny time.  I will send this to Rick Neff and get it on the home page for everyone to read.

I want to thank everyone who helped with the 190th Reunion weekend.  I really believe that everyone had a great time. I also appreciate your working with me on some of the problems that occur with pulling off such a large reunion.  I will be sending out and official mailing list, e-mail addresses and phone numbers of our class for everyone to have.  In additions, the post-reunion financial expenditures report and After Action Comments will be enclosed.  We have a little money left in the pot.  I appreciate everyone getting your checks to me at the reunion.  I was getting nervous.  Please take the time to send in comments so I can make sure all issues are addressed.

As always, things have been pretty quiet here in Virginia.  I heard from Joe Pittman and Rob Gudz.  They were enjoying Sunday football and cocktails and felt it necessary to humor me from Fairfax.  Both were trying to shake the post-reunion blues.  I spoke with Pete Tunnard.  I actually had his Brooks Brothers jacket, and he had granted Honor Court amnesty for its return.  Pete, how did your clothes end up in my back seat?  I was supposed to meet Time Feagans in Lexington for the Charleston Southern game but was unable to attend.  I have not heard from Tim.  Sorry, Tim; I still love you.

I am still searching for Chip Chenery.  last I saw him, he was sneaking by me with a five-year-old bottle of buried treasure known as Virginia Gentlemen.  I got an e-mail from Dave Walsh; he and I are still sore about the Notre Dame losses.  Some things never change.  Coley Rice sent me an e-mail the other day about Texas chili. I will try to get out to all; it might be one of  the best of all time.

I hope everyone continues to stay in contact and stops by to see us in Flint Hill (540/675-1501). If you have not updated your information with Rick Neff on the class of 1990 home page, please take the time to do so.  Rick deserves a bit pat on the back for getting out reunion information and getting our reunion pictures on the net.  Would like more names and information from you all to add to class notes.  E-mail me at markdick@hotmail.com.

Take Care! 


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