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Spring 1999 Class Notes


Mark W. Dick

4614 Butte Road
Richmond, VA 23235


I am happy to get the class notes rolling again. Thanks to everyone who has been contacting me and bringing me up to date. "Sweet" Luis del Valle is in New York and is working on his MBA at Cornell. I have some interesting blackmail pictures from the 5th reunion for Lou. Dr. Dave Robbins is a surgical resident at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. He and Allison have a son, Jonathan Nathaniel. Mark and Gretchen Hennigan are living at Fort Sill. Mark is on an active duty tour with the National Guard. They have two children, Alexander and Kathryn. Andy Kavasnica is in Petersburg working for the State Corporate Commission.

Todd Jacobs is in law school at the University of Missouri. Todd married Lynn Price in Mission, Kansas, last year. Rob Uhorchuck is practicing law in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Rob is doing well and said he had recently spoken to chief "oompa loompa" Steve Linder, who is working in the software industry. Brian McCarthy in Fort Hood married Deana Cruse in November 1997. He and Deana are both getting out of the Army to pursue the good life. Brian will be back in full force for out 10th reunion after a short stint on the bad boy list from the 5th reunion weekend. Tom Bailey is stationed at Eglin AFB, Florida, and hooked up with Quill Healey and Brian Tate. Tome says he also has been in contact with Dave Amsden. Trey Rhodes checked in from Lexington. Trey and Chris Whitaker are on the Army ROTC staff at the "I."

Tim and Sally Feagans have two boys and love Dallas. Tim keeps in touch with Bill Ator and Andrew McCaig. Bill and Suzie Ator are living in Colorado Springs and Andrew McCaig graduated from the MBA program at the University of Texas last year.

I saw several people at different games last year. Head Meatman Mike Kemp was in Lexington with Dave Petka for a game. I only got to see him for a few minutes but the oompa loompas will prevail 10th reunion weekend. Pete and Joanne Mantz were at the William and Mary game. Pete is now in Coronado, California, for BUDS training. I went to the game with Charles Plagemen, Buddy Garbett and Hunter Shirey. Charles and Jill just had a baby girl. Buddy and Shannon are doing well. And Hunter just started physician assistant training at Eastern Virginia Medical School. Marke and Karen Cunningham recently had a baby girl. I stopped in to see the baby a few weeks ago and break some bread with "the ham." Mark sees Terrence Kerner a lot. Terrence just bought a new place in Richmond to handle the growing family. I see Tim Whitt and Don and Stacey Bowers every couple of weeks. Tim is as crazy as ever and Don just received a promotion with Bon Secours Hospitals in Richmond. Tim speaks to Rob Greenway occasionally. Rob is at Fort Campbell with the 5th Special Forces Group. John Franklin and his wife Tamar are in Fredricksburg, where John is the managing partner for his law firm. John and Tamar just had twins. They now have a total of five children and this is the second set of twins. I saw Mike Doczi, who has an engineering consulting firm in Richmond, at one of the fall games. Tim Bosetti is in Germany where he is commanding the 71st Medical Detachment. I believe Jeff Moushegian is still in the Mannheim area, and if anyone has heard from him, let me know.

Chris Phillips is in Atlanta working for the state attorney general's office. Tom Pugh is in Germany as a company commander for the 44th Signal Brigade. He has two boys, Daniel and Zachary. Mario Smalls is working for the Vanguard Group in Phoenix. Don Bowman graduated from the UVa Law School and is practicing in Madison. Sam Stocks is in St. Mary's, Georgia, where he is the public works manager. Fritz Schrichte is working in San Francisco and says we all need to ski Lake Tahoe with him. Minter Ralston is working in West Virginia for J.F. Allen '62. Minter is still doing reserve time with the USMC. Phil Smith is in Lynchburg working for First Colony Life. He also is in the Virginia National Guard. Monte and Cathy Loving are in Richmond and have triplets. Monte is a project manager for Timmons Engineering.

I hope this gets out to all of you and everyone will get in touch with me so I can get you into the class notes. The notes published in the Alumni Review reach you several months after I've written them, so please be patient. I am going to spend some time in Lexington getting the initial 10th reunion planning started and anyone who is interested in helping please let me know. My new e-mail is markdick@hotmail.com.90! 90! 90!


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