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Spring 1998 Class Notes


Hunter E. Shirey

7094 Bruce Academy Ct.
Mechanicsville, VA 23111


Hello Brother Rats! Hope the new year finds you and your families doing well. We received a note from Scott Smith updating us on a few BRs. Scott and wife Melissa have been enjoying the growth of their daughter Hannah. Pat Poon is busy jumping out of planes at Pope AFB, North Carolina. He and Salisa have a little boy, Jackson. Tim Edwards and wife Jennifer have two children, Taylor and Madison. Tim is working as an engineer for Union Camp in Franklin, Virginia. David and Allison Robbins have a little boy, Jonathan. Dave is working in Omaha where he is completing his residency in plastic surgery. Greg and Jackie Sandway are at Little Creek Amphibious Base and have a little girl, Madison.

Jack Roman will be finishing his MBA from William and Mary in the spring of 1998. He has been traveling through Europe for a while now through his program. Beau Quattrone in Pittsburgh has completed his master's in elementary school education and is now in the insurance business with Allstate. He has two lovely children and stays focused on them. By the way, have you run into John Washington in and around the area? Scott Spellmeyer reports that Chip McWilliams is out of the Army, believe it or not, and is working on his master's at JMU. Scott is still in Fort Hood but will be going back to the Ranger Regiment as a liaison officer.

Philip Smith is working for First Colony Life Insurance in Lynchburg as an underwriter. Michael Manning is the executive officer of Marine Combat Training Battalion, School of Infantry at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Michael spoke with Kevin Gallagher who is still in the National Guard and doing well in Haymarket, Maryland. John Hahn recently left IMS and is beginning a career in the Coast Guard. John was recently in Elizabeth City and had the helicopter ride of his life with none other than Chris Bish at the helm. Terrence and Kelly Kerner are busy with their two boys and he is still working with Colonial Mechanical in sales.

Buddy and Shannon Garbett have recently changed addresses but continue to live in Richmond. Buddy continues his ongoing success with Abbott pharmaceuticals. Charles and Jill Plageman have also recently moved and are not too far from Buddy and Shannon. Charles has taken a position with First Union and has moved his office downtown again. Rich Duke is completing his MBA and has taken a hiatus from flying helicopters for a while.

I got a great Christmas card from Chris and Michelle Pratt. They have two wonderful looking children, Emily and Elizabeth. They said they are ready to move back to the East Coast. Chris is hoping to stay at home for a while instead of out at sea and enjoy some family time. Jeff and Tammy Moushegain recently had another son, Blake. Jeff has recently taken command of the 515th Transportation Company in Mannheim, Germany. He writes that Tom Pugh and his family are living in the same building. Tom recently took command of a Signal Company in Germany.

Yuh-huei Wang was recently promoted to a major in the USA and is in Taiwan. Thank you for the sincere letter. Don Bowman has obtained his professional engineering license and is also completing a law degree at UVa. Mark Hennigan and his family are still in Hershey and he is entering a master's program in health administration.

Bradley and Honie Lawrence are in Oregon and Brad writes that he is working on Web site design for Nike. Brian McCormack is in Richmond and has taken a position with White Oak Semiconductor plant as a manufacturing supervisor. Dave Osborne was back in Bosnia in Dec. 1997 as an assistant fire support coordinator and will be redeployed in February.

I have run into Ramon and Damon Williams in Lexington a few times and they are doing well. Both of them are sharing their basketball expertise and it seems to be paying off. It's great to go back to Lexington and see some familiar faces. I do see Tim Whitt occasionally between classes here in Richmond. Tim is working hard pursuing entrance into medical school. As for Mark Cunningham, he continues to enjoy married life, working for Virginia Power and serving as part time construction foreman around the house. As for myself, I'm pretty much consumed with school and trying to be a good husband. Until next time, we look forward to hearing from you all soon.

-Hunter Shirey and Mark Cunningham

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